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10 Best Ways to Improve the Guest Experience For Your Business

Paraminfo LogoThe metric that determines if you have actually acquired a customer depends on one thing- whether or not he/she is a return customer. This is a thought you have heard a million times over but what you probably haven’t heard is what it takes to turn a customer into a return customer.

A guest experience should be a unique one. It should be tailored to the needs of this one particular person so that he/she feels compelled to return to your business to re-live that experience.

In this article, we are going to talk about 10 best ways to improve your guest experience.

Meet and Greet

The entire premise of a good tailored experience lies in fine hospitality. If you can meet your guest at the door and greet him with a warm smile then something as simple as this already makes you stand out.

A good visitor management system removes the human component of verifying your guest’s identity and announcing their arrival. It turns this cumbersome and sloppy experience into a smooth and enjoyable one.

The system recognizes your guest and informs you in real-time so that you can be at the door to receive them.

Easy Sign-In

Turn a long and complicated signing in and verification procedure into a quick and elegant experience by using a smart visitor management solution. All it takes from the visitor’s end is an appropriate ID card or a badge that will let them in quick and easy and make sure that they don’t have to wait in a queue while you verify who they are.

Welcoming Repeat Customers

Now we are getting into real business territory. Every little effort you make at this stage determines the kind of experience you guests will have. A repeat customer is definitely a special one. And he/she should be treated with the same level of hospitality. But remembering a customer can be a difficult job let alone verifying them.

An intuitive visitor management software instantly recognizes a returning customer and helps them bypass the entire process. They can sign in and verify with their IDs or badges from last time and let the QR code do the heavy lifting. Since the management system has all the previous sign-in information, it automatically skips the verification and grants the customer access.

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Easy Feedback Recording System

Before we even talk about feedback compliance, we must discuss how difficult it is to actually record feedback as customers. The complicated and tiresome process of writing feedback note and finding the concerned authority to hand it over to just takes away from the elegance of this idea.

Recording feedback should be easy and it is something a business should always look forward to, for improving their mistakes.

A visitor management system makes this process as easy as it can be and lets the user walk up to the console and dial in their thoughts. This makes the process not only easy but also takes away the awkward and uncomfortable situation of explaining shortcomings to the authorities.

Real-Time Feedback Compliance

Once feedback is recorded a visitor management solution efficiently delivers it to the concerned authorities for immediate compliance. The lack of involvement of middle management makes this process extremely lean thus keeping transparency where it’s required.

The management no longer has to worry about arbitrary details like recording feedbacks and work on actually fixing the problems. The automation of this entire process helps all parties involved by saving manpower, time, and money.

Easy Data Access

A visitor management system displays all the relevant data in a detailed yet easy to understand graphical representation. A quick look at the dashboard lets your staff know all the necessary metrics about the guests. This helps a lot in planning whom to serve and how to go about it. It also displays the feedback for everyone to see thus making feedback compliance all the more important.

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Guest Testimonials

A happy guest is good for business. He/She is not only a viable return customer but also is an avenue for advertisement. When a guest is satisfied with your customer service, techniques like feedback recording and immediate compliance and easy sign-ins, he/she is bound to talk about your good work and spread the word of mouth.

Efficient Staff Management

Depending on the feedback you get from your visitor management system you can not only move quickly to remedy those issues but the management also gets an overview of the functioning of the staff. Proper staff management for every circumstance becomes so much easier when you know where you need to assign them. Moreover, the visitor management software helps you understand which section of the staff is not performing well and thus you can address that thus improving internal functioning manifolds.

Easy Reminders

Remembering to adhere to every little detail of one particular guest can become a tedious process. But this is the definition of hospitality. The more singularly you treat your guests the better their feedback will be about you. Now, you can remind yourself about the feedback and monitor the data of every guest by using the dashboard facility of visitor management solution. Gone are the days when you had to use pen and paper to record every detail of every customer. Now all of it is available at the touch of a button.

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