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SimplyRFID Releases Its Very First RFID Cookbook, a How-to Guide for Speeding Up Inventory

With the release of its first “RFID Cookbook,” SimplyRFID aims to show a glimpse into the limitless potential that RFID is providing to real users who have developed their own customized solutions to simplify their inventory management, increase their efficiency and, ultimately, grow their bottom line.

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In addressing many real-world problems that occur during normal business operations, SimplyRFID wants to provide an introduction to new RFID users with some inspiration and highlights of how RFID solutions are modernizing and simplifying time-consuming processes across a wide range of industries.

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With RFID technology, complete control is in users’ hands. While not a deep dive into the intricacies and technology behind RFID, the how-to guide provides readers with quick inspiration and ideas of how RFID can be applied to their own business or project and how they can get started with their own projects.

Organizations new to RFID are often surprised at how much time and money they save through the increased efficiency and workflow improvements. In no time, users can develop their own inventory management solutions that work best for them. The RFID Cookbook also includes detailed metrics on how much time companies can save on average when they modernize and streamline dated, legacy processes with RFID technology.

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