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Why Sales Leaders Need Customer Support Platforms?

Irrespective of the size of the business, a sales team should always have the right sales qualities and tools to bond with their customers. Customer connection is one of the crucial elements of business success. Dissatisfied, disloyal or disinterested customers can bring down the best of the businesses to ashes. Nevertheless, strong, compassionate and solid customer service can help businesses excel and help them stay ahead.

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The quality of a product or service is important, but lack of good customer service will make your customers go to your competitors. Due to cut-throat competition, each of the competitors in the market now focuses on offering good quality products at affordable rates. In such a neck-to-neck scenario, customer support software that helps you bring out the best of your brand can come handy.

A few notable benefits of customer support software:

  1. Technologies help us grow, and this one helps you offer a timely response to your customers.
  2. Customer support software always provide accurate information to you and your customers.
  3. They offer quick problem resolution reducing the wait time for customers.
  4. It offers personal engagement for your customers.
  5. It is a platform that works 24*7.

A few of the top customer support tools in the market today:

  1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is one of the most sought out customer support solutions in the industry. The primary features of this customer support software are automated ticketing mechanisms, social customer support, support inboxes accessible by the entire team, community forums, and knowledge bases. The best part of this system is its integrated ticket-time tracking functionality that helps to understand the bottlenecks hampering the customer support system.

  1. Spark Central

Spark central helps businesses indulge into effortless conversations with their customers. Sparkcentral is one of the top most customer support solutions by Hootsuite offering personalised communication with the customer. Its messaging channel encourages the businesses to create new connections.

  1. Helpshift

Helpshift is on this list because it is the a Mobile-first customer service platform. It engulfs the greatest gaming superpower to level up customer experiences. Helpshift offers unique tools to chat with users on their own terms. Helpshift offers modern app features against the traditional emails and phone support. It’s bots solve customer issues automatically and track the customer support details so that users do not need to repeat themselves or follow up often.

  1. Gladly

Another customer service platform, which treats your customers like human and not just another ticket. The primary features of the software are voice over help, IVR, self-service, text, chat, email and so on. Successfully used by brands like Rothy’s, Chubbies, Joann, Andie and Godiva, Gladly will help you make your customer feel special. The software is easy and effortless for customers as well as agents. It is time to drive loyalty and revenue by turning agents into heroes.

  1. Helpscout

Helpscout boasts of offering scalable customer service and it is an all-in-one customer service platform. Trusted by more than 12,000 businesses across 140 countries, Helpscout comes with a shared team inboxe, delivers instant answers to the customers, connects with customers through live chat and creates reports to be shared among teams. The best thing about Help Scout is that it offers 50+ integrations with your day-to-day apps.

  1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social blends engagement, sales, social media monitoring and many other marketing tools to create a seamless social media strategy. This helps to prevent disconnected communication or workflows among teams and other social support agents. Sprout Social now offers integration with Zendesk as well.

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the known customer service software, which is capable of empowering business with effortless customer communication. One conversation with a customer can travel across teams seamlessly, which leads to greater productivity and satisfaction all across the organization. It comes with a separate Agent Workspace that equips agents with all the tools they need to communicate and collaborate with each other and other teams. With the help of this automated workspace, the teams can deliver faster and offer personalized responses on any channel.

  1. Freshservice

It is designed to offer world-class cloud customer support to various businesses. The system flexes a plug and play ITIL construction, which makes it easy for users to deploy and implement everything at ease. Taking a deeper dive into the system shows that the software is capable to offer easy-to-access knowledge bases with other functional features like asset discovery, a feature rich ticketing system and so on.

Whether you are dealing in a product or a service, compassionate and prompt customer service is the ticket to enhanced sales and increased business profits.