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Using Twitter to Drive B2B Sales 

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms today. The social media platform has opened up several business prospects for many users, including huge businesses, celebrities, up-and-coming artists, news organizations, and B2B marketers. The objective of Twitter for B2B business is for users to quickly and easily produce and share information and ideas.

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Attention of the Prospects 

B2B marketers and sales people now have a new way to communicate with their prospects, thanks to channels like Twitter. A B2B business with the help of a Social Media platform like Twitter can communicate in one of three different ways.

  • The first form of communication with prospects is one-to-one. This type of B2B communication is self-explanatory. This is a targeted conversation with a high chance of receiving a reply.
  • The second form of communication with prospects on Twitter is one too many. Sending advertising materials to a large number of people simultaneously is a traditional technique used in advertising, and that is what this communication method is used for on Twitter as well. 
  • The third form of communication is many to many. Many-to-Many is a considerably newer strategy that has emerged due to the growth of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This approach allows B2B businesses to discuss with many individuals who may merely listen or want to respond.

Authenticity and regularity are vital if you want to leave a long-lasting, favorable impression on your prospects through Twitter. Regardless of the method of communication you use, you must ensure that the message is tailored and individualized for your prospects on several levels.

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Use of Twitter for B2B Marketing and B2B Sales

Compared to networks like Tiktok, Twitter was founded on March 21, 2006. However, Twitter still remains an important component of most B2B social media marketing strategies. Some of the ways through which Twitter can be used for B2B marketing are –

  • Brand Awareness – Twitter allows you to reach out to your target audience while they are on the go. It is predominantly a mobile platform, with mobile devices accounting for more than 80% of Twitter usage. Twitter mainly works as a short media platform. Although Twitter now has 280 characters instead of the original 140 for every tweet, this is still not a medium for extended readings.

Rather than attempting to squeeze your message into a little box, B2B businesses need to provide the target audience-sized material that will hold their attention. For example, short videos that are less than 15 seconds would be great for marketing purposes. Alternatively, B2B businesses might use a quotation from an influencer or a piece of their content. Influencer marketing campaigns can be successful for B2B businesses. For example, influencer marketing campaigns were run by Microsoft and National Geographic. They collaborated with adventure photographer influencers on Twitter and other social media platforms. Similar campaigns are seen with other brands and influencers on the platform.

  • Lead Generation – Although Twitter’s nature of being a short form platform may not lend itself to extended readings, it does well with rapid, participatory material. Assessments match the bill for this type of material, and they may all help you generate leads. Not only can interactive material generate leads, but it may also teach you a lot about a prospect by having them complete an interactive quiz or evaluation on Twitter. Then you can tailor your lead nurturing to match what they said in the assessment. Quizzes and evaluations are one method to generate leads, but email newsletters also see more use on the social media platform.

Revue, a newsletter tool originally designed for content curation, was recently purchased by Twitter. The lead generation capabilities make twitter stand out from other platforms for B2B marketers such as LinkedIn and Facebook because of the large number of users and other factors.

  • Community Building – Even for B2B marketers, community development has become a key component of digital marketing; community building is a continuing trend. Communities enable Twitter to expand on the basic concept of conversations and redefine itself as a conversation platform. Communities also allow Twitter to make it easier for users to find their group on the platform. The new feature allows users to define the type of conversation they want with their audiences. Through community building, B2B marketers can succeed in their B2B campaigns. 

The capacity of B2B salespeople to extract more from the power of Twitter can be the difference between success and failure for their online marketing campaigns. When you offer focused information for your audience to read, your presence on Twitter must be engaging, deliberate, and, most importantly, valuable to make a difference for your brand. 

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