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Top Video Search Engines

Videos are appealing, and they leave a lasting impression.

Video content is now becoming a preferred content format. Internet users spent six hours and 48 minutes on an average per week watching videos on the internet in 2019 and approximately 82% of the global internet traffic comes from video streaming and video downloads.

As video streaming and video search has gained importance, many video search engines have come forward to cater to the needs and demands of internet users. Here are some of the well known video search platforms.

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You can never rule out Google when it comes to searching for anything online. Whether you search for readable content, news pieces, or videos, Google stands at the top of the search engine list. Everyone knows about Google, moreover, Google has a dedicated video search tab that helps users to search for tons of videos related to a particular keyword.

After Google, YouTube is the most visited video search engine. 500 hours of videos are known to be uploaded on the platform per minute. Whether you type a common keyword or a rare one, YouTube is going to show you a variety of options instantly.

An interesting thing about Yahoo is that they get you video results from within their own network. Furthermore, when you type your video search keyword in Yahoo, it searches on YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Hulu, Myspace and many other online video providers to get the most appropriate video on the page. So, with one video search engine like Yahoo, you can search through many other video search engines.

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AOL is ranked among the top video search engines. It has the capability to aggregate daily clips from the web and along with that it can also be used as a search engine. So, with AOL video, you know what videos are trending easily on a particular subject.

A platform with millions of videos, Daily Motion is not only an excellent video search engine, but you can also find the latest and most trending videos right on its home page. The trending videos are from sports, music, entertainment genres among others.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Bing being a search engine struggling under the shadow of Google. Bing is a standalone search engine and doesn’t need to be considered inferior to Google or other search engines. Bing is just different and the three interesting things you should probably know about Bing video search are:

  • Bing video search is optimized for mobiles.
  • They play videos directly from the website.
  • Paid video content can be distinguished easily.

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For many of us, our privacy on the internet is very important to us. When you do not want the internet to know what you are looking for, DuckDuckGo is the right choice for you. This video search platform allows you to search discreetly, takes you through secure connections, blocks the trackers….With DuckDuckGo, it is Privacy Amplified.

When you need fun, exciting and unusual videos, Metacafe is the place you reach out to. This video search platform offers you millions of videos to pick from, among it’s top categories are – art, entertainment, comedy, fashion and lots more.

If you remember, Ask was as popular as Google a few years ago. Nonetheless, its video search is still being considered among the top players. Today, Ask is more of a question and answer site and you can type your question to get the video answer to your query instantly.

Last but not least, we’d like to mention Swiss Cows here. This video search engine is a family friendly platform. Further to this, the platform never collects or stores the data of the user to help maintain privacy of the user. You can access a wide range of videos to search from.

Video search has become super popular these days. There are plenty of search engines on the internet that help you when it comes to looking for video based answers or tutorials.