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AI-Powered B2B E-Commerce Platforms and The Impact of AI in B2B E-Commerce

Incorporating the right omnichannel strategies, determining and streamlining recurring business activities, utilizing predictive analysis to keep a check on stock and inventory and improving overall business efficiency at all levels, AI is doing it all. There is no denying that AI powered tools are a boon for all businesses and a major share goes to the B2B category.

Businesses who embrace and adapt to new technologies will always gain a competitive edge and always stay ahead of the competition. The companies who have adapted to the change have already achieved the ability to reshape their future. In simple words, these industries have become more future-ready.

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Undoubtedly, technology has eased out things for us, it has made work more efficient and accurate. Artificial intelligence offers us the opportunity to create intelligent, smart assistants who work and perform like humans. As more companies learn to utilize newer intelligent systems, they improve their revenue, reduce costs and at the end find their customers are more satisfied by their services and delivery. 

Here are a few top AI powered B2B ecommerce platforms that are making a change:

  1. Ewiz Commerce

You can digitize all business transactions easily with the help of Ewiz Commerce. Ewiz is one of the first AI powered B2B ecommerce platforms, which is built, powered and managed by Powerweave. Ewiz helps organizations save their time as they do not need to run between multiple e-commerce errands, everything is catered to by the software. It can be integrated with third party apps easily and comes with a built-in marketing automation system.

  1. Pepperi

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in USA, Pepperi is a popular B2B sales platform designed for small, medium and large business enterprises. Pepperi can manage the entire omnichannel B2B sales thereby empowering the businesses to sell more in a better and faster way.

  1. Oro Commerce

Designed especially for manufacturers and distributors, Oro commerce is a B2B open source ecommerce solution to manage orders, sales, reports along with catalogues, and more with the help of customizable dashboards. The platform is quite flexible and it can fit into any B2B or B2C company’s stack with great ease.

  1. Virto Commerce

Track orders, manage frictionless sales, generate reports and maintain catalogues with the help of Virto Commerce. It is a powerful tool to quickly create an online store with omnichannel collaboration capabilities. With the help of Virto Commerce organizations can standardize and consolidate all their B2B ecommerce processes seamlessly.

  1. Big Commerce

Big Commerce is one of the most versatile ecommerce solutions available in the market. This platform is successfully used by brands like Camelbak, Ben & Jerry’s, Skullcandy and so on. Big Commerce has empowered more than 60,000 B2C and B2B brands around the world and it has proved that businesses can grow online rapidly with the right tech stack.

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  1. FastSpring

FastSpring is a platform specially designed for global companies, it is known to be a market-leader and offers a complete and well-integrated e-commerce platform for modern businesses.

  1. Miva

Miva is unique and popular because it utilizes hybrid SaaS technology enriched in capabilities of both open source and on premise systems. The main benefits of integrating Miva in your business is to enjoy a rich assortment and merchandizing experience, and benefit from shopping tools that mitigates the need for any third party apps.

  1. SalesForce B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2B commerce is a platform that delivers effective e-commerce websites designed specifically to suit the ecommerce sales and buying journey. This platform offers personalized solutions and enhances the overall online shopping experience with the kind of B2B functionalities needed the most.

  1. Oracle Commerce

Other than being one of the top ranked commerce solutions, Oracle Commerce helps brands excel by delivering innovations consistently and adding cross channel customer experiences. With Oracle commerce, businesses can add personalized experiences for their buyers across multiple touch points such as the web, mobile devices, physical stores and even social media.

  1. Suite Commerce

Suite Commerce is a cloud based e-commerce platform that helps organizations to create unforgettable shopping experiences for their customers. Suite Commerce beautifully integrates e-commerce with back end business systems to offer a more unified platform to manage the business.

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