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Is Speech Recognition Software Good for Sales and Customer Support Teams?

For sales, speech recognition technology has offered notable advantages and benefits. This technology enables users to control devices and create documents by speaking. Documents are created faster and  sales and customer support teams benefit because:

  1. The feature of automatic transcription saves plenty of time of the sales reps and the customer support executive. It also produces results in real time.
  2. Speech recognition helps sales reps record the voice of the customer with robust voice biometrics and the sales team can know more about the person talking on the other end of the phone.
  3. With the help of speech recognition technology, sales teams can fully understand what callers are feeling, perceiving and thinking. Conversation intelligence capabilities makes it easier for users to improve their sales scripts.

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A few of the top global speech recognition software being used by the behemoths in the industry today:

  1. Nuance Communication

The year 2001 saw the dawn of the speech recognition technology with the rise of Nuance Communication. Powered by artificial intelligence the technology focuses on telephone call steering systems, embedded speech recognition, automated telephone directory services along with medical transcription software.

  1. IBM Corporation

IBM Corporation was founded in 1911 and since then, it has offered marvelous technological solutions to its clients from global business services, global financing, and cloud platforms. IBM’s speech recognition systems enables recognizing speech and processing it into any other required format.

  1. Agnitio

Agnitio was founded in 2004 at the Technical University of Madrid. The company is a biometrics technology solutions provider and it utilizes unique biometrics characteristics to verify the individual’s identity. The speech recognition feature of Agnitio help the users control their windows systems with the help of their voices.

  1. Verint Voice Vault

Verint Voice Vault helps users to utilize a standardized approach in mobile identity verification. It offers services for on-device telephony applications. It has by now enrolled over million voices and it can verify all of them with 99.9% accuracy. It offers enterprise grade voice biometrics.

  1. iFlytek

IFlytek’s speech recognition is accurate and customizable. The main advantage of using iFlytek as your speech recognition partners is that it also works offline. From offering natural speech synthesis to semantic understanding, machine translation and pronunciation assessment, iFlytek is capable of doing it all.

  1. Baidu

Baidu is the #1 technology service provider in China. It launched major breakthroughs in its speech recognition services in 2019. The most notable one was streamlining multi-layer truncated attention model (SMLTA) for the best online automatic speech recognition. SMLTA turned out to be a milestone in large-scale deployment in speech technology industry.

  1. Sensory

Sensory’s speech recognition is known for offering neutral methods for embedded speech recognition in consumer electronics. The software company has already created its mark in offering technology based on machine learning and natural language processing. The major advantage of using sensory is the affordable services as compared to its other competitors in the market.

  1. Lumen Vox

Lumen Vox offers pristine speech recognition services to its clients so that they can offer the most immersive and rich customer services to their consumers. It is known to offer best-in-class speech recognition and authentication. Lumex Vox blends its multi-factor biometric authentication technology with speech software for the best and intuitive results.

  1. Microsoft Speech Recognition

Microsoft Azure offers incredible voice recognition services. with an easy interface, anyone can customize the voice recognition system. The setup allows you to exercise complete control over the system based on your voice. Microsoft Corporation was one of the pioneers in bringing the speech recognition system to the fore.

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