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Six SalesTech Tools That Can Help Reduce Friction Between Marketing and Sales

Product designers invest time creating a valuable product, marketers create competitive marketing campaigns to advertise them, none of this matters if the product doesn’t sell!

Sales people are always advised to be humble, determined, empathetic and helpful. They try to uncover and capitalize on every trigger and signal to help them win more deals.

In the midst of it all, they have to face their marketing and sales managers, their prospects, their customers and align with other company goals to ensure a healthy bottomline.

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The age old friction between Marketing and Sales still exists though, even if products are marketed well, despite the hard work of the sales persons, they might not sell. Communication, administration, follow ups and feedbacks are a real concern. And, this creates constant tension between the marketing and sales team.

Here are 6 salestech tools that can help reduce that age old friction:

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What does a sales person need to be able to sell better? Vainu helps open up blockages in the sales process to let it flow more seamlessly. It garners all the relevant information about the product in detail so that the same can be passed on to the customer and prospect when needed, depending on their buying stage.


InsideView has successfully positioned itself as a modern database for organizations that integrates very well with your  existing CRM. Besides providing the right company data and product details to the sales person, InsideView also provides relevant social media feeds of various companies and other trending news to collect enough market information to help sales dovetail better sales conversations.

3.LinkedIn Sales Navigator

There are plenty of sales persons who use LinkedIn to start conversations with prospects or to get in front of their audience, however, there are some who use LinkedIn premium offering i.e. the Sales Navigator. Sales navigator is a fantastic tool that helps a sales person create a list of prospects based on their current job roles and designations. While sales persons are trying to close a deal, the conversation can be monitored by other users.

4. Qorus

It is a dedicated collaboration software that provides all the relevant information to a sales person, it provides the right information that would be needed to close a deal. For small organizations, it might not be worthy tool, but for bigger teams, sales people need such tools to help them garner the right information in time. In order to avoid the ambiguity about the minute details, the sales rep needs precise and updated information, Qorus is a good tool that can be used to enable this.

5. Sales Screen

For a large company with a distributed sales force, Sales Screen has proved to be very effective and essential. It is an interesting gamification tool that lets a sales person create customer contests, track the winners along with the option of rewarding them. With the help of this sales tech tool, the companies too can create contests for sales reps where they can participate, be engaged and in turn boost their performance. The tool is easy to integrate with mostCRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Oracle Sales Cloud and more.

6. Seismic

This is a useful sales tech tool for sales people and channel operators. It is a powerful tool for content and process automation. Along with unifying all the details about the product, this tool also helps with detailed analytics and regulatory compliance issues. Until now, Seismic has garnered commendable results for  sales teams.

Sales is a critical function for any organization. After all the hard work undertaken by the product development teams, it boils down to how well the products are sold in the market. Organizations cannot toy around with sales. By leveraging the benefits of the right SalesTech tools, organizations can achieve sustainable growth in the long term by removing the age old friction between marketing and sales as well.

“When Sales Friction is removed, the flow returns and sales are made more swiftly, smoothly and successfully.”

When the orders are communicated through well-defined channels, sales persons know what is the next step. This process is made easier with these SaleTech tools.

It is time to leverage the benefits of SalesTech to bolster your marketing and sales process.

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