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Sales Management Software and How They Help Sales Teams Today

It is good that we have forgone the archaic sales systems and are adapting to the latest sales management processes and sales technologies to simplify sales activities and keep customers happy. These new systems improve sales by accelerating the conversion and buying journey of leads.

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For B2B organizations, these sales systems need to fall in place with sales processes. Out of the many benefits of such software tools, here are some of the notable ones:

  • Sales management software offers a complete overview of your customers. It keeps things organized for you.
  • With such systems in place, you get accurate sales forecasts. These tools record data efficiently and provide important information critical for the growth of the business.
  •  They improve the performance of the sales teams.
  •  These software enhance internal collaboration. They can summarize all the work done by the sales teams and present all the information in a way that enables everyone to understand where the team is moving.
  • They offer better flexibility for the sales teams.
  • With these systems in place, you get more structured sales cycles. The systems make it easier for your teams to identify quality leads and the leads to be focused on.

Learning about the benefits of the sales management software will act as a cornerstone to the success of sales teams.

Let’s now see some of the top sales management software that sales teams should look forward to in 2021:

1. SalesCloud by SalesForce

SalesCloud deserves to be the first in the list because it is one of the innovators of the entire CRM game. SalesCloud has revolutionized the entire sales processes with the help of state-of-the-art technologies and features. SalesCloud offers real time data to its users; the users need to log in to the software the technology will do the rest. Right from generating leads, customer satisfaction, mobile customer interaction, social media to forecasting customer demands, everything is handled by the software alone.

2. Base

Base is a simple sales management software having an easy to use interface. The software app can work on any device and it is also known as one of the #1 mobile sales apps. The primary features of the software are seamless tracking of the team’s activity, faster implementation of data, real-time data syncing and offering actionable insights based on the data it collects and so on.

3. TeamWox

Designed for small to medium sized enterprises, TeamWox offers transparency in the organization to increase employee productivity. TeamWox is an enterprise management software suite providing assistive measures like Human Resource Management, Documents Management, Task Management, IP PBX Phone System and Voice Communication, CRM, Accounting and Customer Support etc.

4. Salesforce Work

Salesforce has always offered businesses what they always needed. With Salesforce Work as a sales management software, one can represent one’s business as more efficient and effective in front of the target audience. The software is designed to increase the ROI of its users. Salesforce has developed a customized Standard Success Plan to simplify and streamline the sales processes. With Salesforce by your side, you can work with specialist and consultants to act as corporate advisors.

5. Maximizer CRM

With its impactful tagline “We help Businesses Grow”, the software empowers your business with a competitive advantage by mapping pipelines, maximizing lead generation, and offering help to close more deals. With Maximizer CRM at hand, you can increase your sales and improve the revenue for the business. Lastly, it adds an entirely redefined experience for your customers through incredible customer service.

6. NetSuite CRM

Catering to a huge volume of 40,000 clients, NetSuite is accommodating needs of various businesses today. NetSuite CRM is powerful because it has perpetrated under Oracle, it offers its clients a “real-time, 360 degree outlook of the customers”. The software assists its users to gather and analyze the leads until these leads turn into opportunities for the business. It offers all the traditional functionalities of a CRM along with additional features like quotation order management, sales forecasting, commissions and integrated e-commerce capabilities.

7. On Contact CRM

We have added On Contact CRM in this list due to diligent contact center and mobile functionality. The USP of this software is its all-inclusive single price that helps the buyer to take better decision. It is in the industry for 15 good years and the software has assisted sales experts with complex sales operations allowing them to streamline all kinds of sales transactions.

8. Infusion Soft

The software is supporting small businesses for over 16 years, providing assistance to sales experts, analyzing business needs, improving engagement with the audience, increasing conversion rates and bettering the stability in e-commerce. Infusion Soft is here for all the businesses to enhance their customers’ shopping experience 24*7, guiding them throughout their entire sales process.

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When you are looking for your sales management software, you must never rush. Analyze the features and compare those with your business requirement, to make the right choice.