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Event Marketing Platforms That Your Marketing And Sales Teams Should Know About In 2021

Event marketing is a strategy used by marketers to promote their brand, product, or service. This, with the help of an event marketing platform, can be done in-person or with real-time engagement. These events that are to be marketed can be online or offline, and companies can participate as hosts, participants, or sponsors. Both inbound and outbound marketing strategies are used for event promotional purposes.

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Need for Event Marketing Platforms

The adoption of an event marketing plan can help a company stand out. Competitors usually combine an event marketing plan with various digital campaigns to increase customer engagement and create more long-lasting relationships with buyers. It can benefit a business in several ways.  Aside from helping to build brand presence before, during, and after the event, generation of leads, pipeline value, and new opportunities are also possible with the adoption of an event marketing plan. Event marketing can help promote a specific product or feature and increase overall customer satisfaction, retention, and engagement. Event marketing gives new channels and methods to use to connect with future and returning customers.

Event marketing can be used by companies to market a variety of events. It can be done for a seminar, a virtual conference, webinars, a company meeting, or a party! When Google I/O successfully event marketed its virtual event, it became a prominent example for the future of events globally. Virtual events include digital channels for participation in a live lecture or a seminar. This type of experience is usually for viewers who are traveling or live elsewhere. To advertise this event, Google used a 360-degree camera to record keynote speeches so virtual attendees could watch live from all over the world. They even hosted the videos on YouTube, making the whole experience free and easy to access. While the conference was a living, breathing in-person event, the option to attend virtually provided those who were unable to attend with a taste of the experience.

Top Event Marketing Platforms in 2021

Event marketing platforms have been transforming the entire process of organizing events and are ensuring a hassle-free experience for the organization. Mentioned below are some of the top event marketing platforms that are enhancing the efficiency of events for organizing enterprises globally: –

1. Aventri

Aventri allows companies to automate marketing. Aventri allows clients to create valuable in person experiences and helps grow influential communities, and helps expand the brand. It also helps brands drive ROI.

2. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is a leading cloud-based event registration & marketing platform; it holds expertise for in-person and virtual events. By incorporating Eventzilla, it is easy for companies to create a beautiful, professional web presence to promote their events. It adds to promoting conferences, fundraisers, classes, reunions, concerts, & sports events. Eventzilla has everything that is required to promote an event, from setting up a custom event website, publishing the event schedule, processing payments, managing attendee details, and check-in in easily.

3. Eventbrite

It is a ticketing and event technology platform that helps businesses organize and sell tickets to events online. Eventbrite houses events of all shapes and sizes. Eventbrite’s powerful platform, which can be accessed online or via mobile apps, scales from basic registration and ticketing to a fully-featured event management platform. Event organizers can benefit from Eventbrite’s self-service event planning tools, including email invitation creation, RSVP tracking, and ticket selling. Ticket sales can be managed online via the ticketing website or through integration with social media sites, including Facebook, and real-time sales data helps event planners to assess attendance and profit.

4. Cvent

Cvent holds expertise in delivering best-in-class technology that helps companies simplify the management of each stage of the event lifecycle. It also gives the required data and insights that a company needs to maximize its value. Whether the event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid, Cvent provides the company with one platform to reach and engage audiences and capture and act on attendee interests. As the global leader in event marketing and management technology, Cvent is uniquely positioned to support events of all types, sizes, and complexities.

With many more such efficient event marketing platforms available in the market, the task for the sales and marketing teams have been cut out. They just need to identify a platform that meets the requirements completely and then use it to enhance the efficiency of the event’s manifolds in a hassle-free manner.

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