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Driving Customer Retention in B2B: Quick Tips for Sales Teams

Let’s start by answering a question: Who would you find it easy to sell a product to; a first-time buyer or someone you have already impressed with your service previously? It is the latter. This is what customer retention is. Customer retention focuses on those customers who have taken up your service or bought a product from your business before. Customer retention involves the effort a company takes to keep customers from switching to any other competitor. Customer retention is of very high importance as it is the best way to build a more loyal audience and following over time. 

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Top Customer Retention Strategies

For extra benefit, you must put in an extra effort. Driving customer retention is an important aspect of any business, and you certainly don’t want to go wrong with it. Here are a few top customer retention strategies that can help you to better your business worth.

  • Appreciate your customer’s worth

Business is run by humans, and humans like to be appreciated. Gifting your daily and loyal customer with special offers, gifts, or just an appreciation card maintains a deep connection and urges others to want to be in that position.

  • Regular surveys

Once you win a customer, it becomes even more important for you to solve their issue no matter when they come across challenges in order to provide them a smooth experience. You can ask your customers what they might want to add or change in their dealings with you.

  • Inform them of future benefits

A lot of big brands do it. Insider blogs aimed at businesses that already buy from you show off new product models and features coming up with in the future, this increases brand worth and shows customers what they can experience in the long-term by staying with you.

  • Step to step information

Businesses want to remain well informed of how their money is being consumed. Keeping them informed of the progress will represent your will and enthusiasm to work with them.

Tools and methods that help in measuring and driving customer retention

There are many predefined structures, methods, and tools when it comes to customer retention techniques. These can boost your business value.

  • Customer review with Weave

Software that reviews customers such as Weave can help you drastically reducing your churn rate. You can get both positive and negative reports. Positive reviews could be awarded, and negative reviews can help in identifying and fixing pain points.

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  • Efficient UI/UX

To appeal to many customers, your website should be able to provide a smooth and interactive experience to the users. They should remember that experience as comforting to promote even more interaction.

  •  Prioritize metrics

This is where effective customer retention measurement begins. You need to focus on what your business calls for. For example, if you fundamentally want to be an industry expert, then the customer loyalty metrics you adopt should align with the goal.

  • Customer Service Metrics Calculator

The customer service metrics calculator provided by HubSpot saves you a lot of time and effort when calculating customer retention metrics. You enter the database and instantly get revenue churn, customer lifetime value, retention rate, and other metrics.

Examples of how leading brands practice customer retention

In a fiercely packed environment, it is very important to keep an eye on the actions of the best brands. Especially when it comes to customer retention, there is so much to learn. For example, what is the one thing these brands use to create such a loyal customer base? We have curated a few such successful practices for you to take inspiration from below.

  • Maintaining human connections

All top brands recognize how important personalization is. The popular video conferencing company Zoom uses authentic data to provide personalized updates and sends client-specific emails to appeal more to them.

  • Evaluate and re-evaluate

No successful business has a stagnant strategy. You need to keep up with the changing industry patterns and re-evaluate and recreate your digital engagement strategy for better growth.

  • Hug Your Haters

More than just for selling, be available to your customers when they face an issue and work towards giving them a flawless experience. All successful companies provide frequent customer services to keep their buyers happy

  • Insider blogs

Buffer uses insider blogs that explain and discuss operations and changes among customers to make them feel connected and show them our appreciation for their loyalty.

It is more than obvious that customer retention can make or break a business. It stands as the core of any business stability. It brings you customers and pulls down competitive business by preventing a customer surge outward. Good planning of customer retention will prove of high value in your future endeavors.

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