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Customer Experience Tools That Can Help Drive Better CX Journeys in 2021

Customer experience software, also known as CX, CXM, or CEM, is one of the most in-demand software in sales and marketing today. These software allow the companies to track, collect and organize their customer feedback to produce data that can easily optimize sales and customer relations and journeys. With the importance of improving customer experiences being realized in multiple industries, the demand for customer experience software systems has witnessed significant growth.

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Here are some of the most prominent customer experience tools that have the power to drive better CX: 

1.  Zendesk

As one of the most coveted CX tools, Zendesk never fails to perform. This software allows the users to get support to conduct product-oriented customer conversations that can move freely through all channels. The CRM platform is very flexible and has options to form your own CX solution based on your requirements. This tool is built on AWS and lets to formulate results out of your customer data and connect with it. With its functions like live chat, analytics, reporting, and a sales CRM function, the product offers a package of being a chat and talk, guide, and support in one.

2. IBM Tealeaf

Tealeaf is a software built by IBM that can prove as one of the best platforms for customer experience with its numerous benefits. It optimizes the value of all the web and mobile traffic that is coming to your business website. In addition to this, it can help in ensuring a positive customer experience with its technology, thereby leading to happy customers. The platform ensures that more customer transactions can be completed. Further, customer behavior can be assessed without any issues.

3. Satmetrix

The Satmetrix platform can help create a better customer experience by creating more comprehensive software that provides effective results. The platform can collect every type of customer experience data by integrating and collecting it. Further, through its algorithm, it can also reveal especially important insights and analytics. With this, you will get access to all the CX insights to all the roles and levels. You will also be able to automate your action management process and monitor it.

4. ResponseTek

ResponseTek is a great platform that can conduct Telco surveys about the business’s experience, including their experiences with a network, retail web or application, contact centers, and field services/technicians. These solutions can help improve the net promoter score or NPS, which can further lead to an increase in revenues and lower churn rates. The customers can also get cost savings by identifying and resolving common customer pain points and reducing the desk call volumes.

5. ClickTale

This platform helps get customers the most experience with the help of its AI-driven algorithms. This can further help ensure loyalty within customers, boost profitability and streamline the operations for the users. Its other tools can also help optimize the customer journey and develop a real-time customer experience. Also, it can help in increasing customer happiness analytics, among other parameters.

6. Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe experience manager can bring out a great amalgamation between a content management system and digital asset management. It lets you manage your digital experience through all the channels with automated tools, which can allow the whole process to become effortless. This platform allows that you can create a personalized and consistent approach for every customer. You will get the aid of many smart tools and automation that can easily adapt, resource, and deliver proper profits through channels.

7. Kana

KANA helps with proper communication that can reinforce CX in a manner that enterprises can easily use. It can also help highlight the major customer service characteristics that can amalgamate to form one of the most successful CX models available. These characters are the consistency of quality and experience, completeness in achieving a transition like no other, and helps lay the focus on the required information and processes when needed.

8. Clarabridge

Clarabridge CEM or Customer Experience Management by aggregating all the customer data. It can help collect all the customer interactions and feedback with the firm and creating it into relevant data using its AI-powered tools. This platform boasts of the best Natural Language Understanding in the industry. It can help you evaluate all the data, including private messages, phone calls, and live chats, and further develop analytics.

9. SAS

This platform can help you get a proper approach to the customer experience by generating the most out of user values by using its AI. It can incorporate its technologies to help gain a holistic approach ensuring happy customers and better experiences.

10. Medallia

With more than one million users in one month, Medallia is one of the best AI-powered CX platforms which can help with customer experience. The AI is capable of detecting patterns and behaviors of the customers through its advanced techniques and algorithms. The platform also includes various features like text analytics that can help determine the various sentiments behind the customer’s approach and the satisfaction they have achieved through big loads of data.

11. HubSpot

HubSpot is a great platform for customers, allowing more options, higher control, and higher expectations for all customers. This company provides a nifty service hub that can provide all the tools to satisfy the customer’s demands. All the conversations over the platform are supported by the HubSpot CRM and provide history about the customer, which can help you with it. The tools of the platform can aid you in stimulating your customer experience by providing a conversation inbox.  All channels like live chat, forms, Facebook messenger, and email inboxes in one universal box.

12. UserZoom

UserZoom acts as an effective platform that allows CX solutions through the help of its digital teams that can allow the creation of user-focused product decisions for its client. It also allows to measure UX performance through its various tools and provides insights from its great algorithms.

As customer expectations evolve with time, it has become imperative for business enterprises to invest in suitable customer experience tools and leverage the technology to deliver better services to the customers.

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