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5 Effective Sales Tips You Thought You Didn’t Need to Know!

In a recent episode of The SalesStar podcast, (hosted and produced by SalesTechStar), Maria Tribble, VP of Enterprise Sales at PathFactory joined us to talk about her experience in Technology Sales while also sharing some interesting tips and insights on the evolving role of the typical B2B salesperson, and the changing dynamics in SalesTech today!

Here are 5 Effective Sales Tips from the Conversation that can help you Boost your Sales ROI!


  1. Sales Needs to Know what’s Going on, on Social media!

Staying in touch with industry leaders, peers and prospects on channels like LinkedIn and Twitter allow client-facing sales people to create a sense of familiarity with their target audience while also enhancing their own public (online!) image.

But the greatest benefit from an active social media presence is that it allows Sales to check in on trending industry updates and news to better understand the changing dynamics in the marketplace.

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  1. It’s Time for More human-to-human Conversations

Be it Marketing or Sales, any form of Business-to-Business (B2B) communication is still human-to-human communication! New innovations in SalesTech coupled with new sales ideas allows sales people to be their authentic selves while establishing better sales conversations.

It’s time for salespeople to use this notion more actively and act like they are selling to humans and not just businesses!  Tech sales people need to be laser-focused on the fact that they are talking to other humans and what that other human represents to a target company full of humans?

It’s imperative for Sales to ask themselves what their prospects care about and why they would want to talk to you, not what you want to tell them.

Having more human-to-human conversations versus drip campaigns will help you to stand out from the crowd!

  1. Tomorrow’s salesperson will HAVE to be even more data-driven

While the role of the typical B2B salesperson has evolved, one major trend that we’re all seeing is the (not-so-new) love for data, right?

It’s now important for sales teams to take things a step ahead to try and understand how is the data they use actually helping to facilitate better sales conversations. If sales isn’t using their easily accessible (and often volumes of data)  to understand what topics their prospects and customers care about while also trying to grasp an understanding on what content they’ve actually consumed or want to consume is key to driving better and more impactful sales results.

It’s time to go over and beyond metrics like downloads and clicks and to focus on actual consumption patterns much like, what you see brands like Netflix or YouTube do. Being able to see how much time is spent on each episode or how many episodes are consumed for example make for key assessment metrics in this case.

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  1. Understand your prospect and where they are in their Buying Journey

In the future, Sales is going to be a lot more about helping buyers buy and a lot less about selling!

Sales needs to actually help move their prospects across the buying process while being ready to meet them where they are in the buying journey.

It’s not going to be one-size-fits-all for every Enterprise customer or prospect.

But going back to the data, sales people can access information not just about the individual’s consumption of their sales content, but they can understand more about the prospect at an account level.

Think about this as being able to give your prospects Content they care about, but helping them connect the dots!

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5. Lastly, ensuring a GREAT Customer-buying Journey, throughout their B2B buying process


Going back to the point of creating more human-to-human conversations, a key tip for sales to remember is that one buyer from one target account today could be an Enterprise Customer in a larger target account tomorrow!

So if you’re selling to one person today and they move, they will be more likely to go back to vendors they trust and with whom they’ve experienced business success in the past.

So aim to give them that incredible experience the first time itself and move them seamlessly across the buying stages, keeping in mind that the end-goal lies in creating relationships that can led to renewals when the time comes! This is where creating a memorable buying experience matters, instead of going somewhere else when the time is due, they’ll remember you and come back to you!

There are a lot of tricks that allow today’s salesperson to think about what they’re doing from another perspective and most specifically to think about what they’re selling, who they’re selling to, from the customer or the prospect lens.

At the end of the day, always think about what the prospects you are trying to reach care about and work your way from there!