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4 Reasons Sales Leaders Should Use AI to Drive Customer Engagement

AI-powered platforms can help sales leaders drive Customer Engagement and Boost Sales. Artificial Intelligence has disrupted every sphere of every business. Research suggests that the increase in AI usage across businesses will create $2.9 trillion of business value. The role of AI in most crucial business functions is picking up pace.

As sales technologies and capabilities improve, sales teams that optimize what features they use and how they use it to drive sales results will stay a step ahead of the race. Past research also suggests that companies using AI for sales have increased their leads by over 50%.

Sales leaders who employ the use of enriched data processes and personalization to then breakdown lead behavior using predictive analytics and AI powered systems have a higher chance of being able to fill in loopholes in their overall process while ensuring better efforts and collaboration within the team.

The use of AI in sales, marketing, finance and other crucial business functions is only going to pick up pace. One of the key reasons that makes AI so powerful is its ability to track and process massive amounts of data from multiple online sources.

Here’s why every Sales leader should deepen their levels of customer engagement with AI:

AI: The Future of Personalization – Predictive Personalization

AI powered tools help monitor customer behavior and predict their next buying action. When sales leaders work closely with their marketing counterparts to use this information to deepen the customization tokens used across the buying journey, it gives every reader on their webpage, their prospect, their customer the feeling that every thing they are seeing has been catered to each one of them.

Amazon has long since taken the baton in building enriching customer experiences for every shopper through its website and app. Most successful eCommerce brands use predictive technologies to help readers / buyers / shoppers as the case what they should read or purchase next based on their past shopping behaviors and current browsing behavior then furthering their engagement by placing these audiences into different marketing or sales cadences based on it.

Chatbots and Conversational AI drive online Sales conversations

Business that can successfully automate every bit of their sales and marketing conversations by also implementing the required amounts of human interaction and intervention when and where necessary in the buying journey will be able to drive more numbers of prospect conversations at a time.

In a digital-first, always-on buying and selling environment, it is important for brands to be reachable and contactable to their readers and customers all the time.

Chatbots can be used to not only cater to this need but to also handle different kinds of customer and prospect issues, queries, complaints. Business heads across sales, marketing and customer service departments can work closely together to program conversational algorithms to handle all kinds of customer conversations and to even nurture sales and marketing queries with the right responses and prompts.

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Helps Break Down Customer Sentiment Across Media Channels and Types

Sales and marketing leaders who have already embraced using different types of media like voice, text, audio, besides the traditional formats like emails, cold calls, etc to drive customer conversations can use AI to deepen the impact of every customer engagement.

Sophisticated capabilities in AI platforms of today allow marketers and sales leaders to detect facial expressions (during video calls with customers, for instance) or nuances in sales conversations.

This data can then be used to improve the next best action that a brand would like to undertake to retain a customer or engage deeper with a prospect. Modern AI capabilities when understood and implemented for each business case can be beneficial in establishing stronger processes.

AI-Enabled Analytics Systems Help Improve Customer Insights

Everybody leaves a digital footprint today. There itself, sales and marketing teams have a lot to go on.

Sales and marketing leaders who know how to uncover the most-critical details of this digital footprint that  is crucial to their own product or service are more likely to sell more and sell faster.

A comprehensive AI platform that analyses different kinds of data and customer insights, including data from feedback given online or via surveys, emails, polls, data on website reading and browsing behavior, an overview of their prospect’s online behavior further helps give sales and marketing teams to manage their customer data more effectively and breakdown the information to drive relevance in future communication strategies.

This can improve business decisions and sales outcomes and even lead to shorter sales cycles.

The Future of Sales will Be AI Driven?

AI-powered sales technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. Sales teams who stay ahead of the curve and have an upper hand in using and implementing the power of AI to unleash their sales potential will see more benefit in the future.

Research suggests that 90% of business leaders who use AI say they already are or are planning to use AI for their email marketing and sales forecasting efforts.

While discussing the many benefits of AI in sales, it also helps to be weary of the challenges that may come with it.

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AI powered tools can enhance business decision-making, improve customer service interactions while also helping to build better customer engagement processes. As sales operations becomes more automated and AI-driven, future sales teams will have to learn to adapt to changing roles and technologies to be able to do more with less and further their sales results.