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23% of Consumers Receive Marketing Emails from Companies They Never Subscribed To

Small businesses use opt-in forms, specific landing pages, or purchase agreements to get explicit consent to send marketing emails to consumers, however, about one in four people (23%) receive emails from companies they never signed up for, according a new report from The Manifest, a how-to guide for small businesses.

Because marketing emails drive sales, support customer retention, and help businesses scale, small businesses are constantly exploring opportunities to grow their email contact list.

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On the other hand, small businesses should know that there could be legal consequences for sending emails to consumers that did not give explicit consent.

Different regions have implemented privacy laws to shield consumers from unwanted emails.

Small businesses should limit email lists to subscribers to avoid legal consequences and reduce unsubscribe rates.

Frequent Marketing Emails Increase Unsubscribe Rates

Most consumers (59%) say that the most common reason they unsubscribe from marketing emails is because they are too frequent.

For most people, the thought of fully clearing their email inbox is overwhelming — especially as many small businesses increase their email marketing efforts to stay connected with their customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Because consumers filter through so many emails daily, it’s important for small businesses to make sure they are only sending relevant information to their contact list.

Customer journey mapping can help businesses separate their email lists into client groups and send individualized emails.

Small businesses should be proactive and organize their email lists before customers unsubscribe because of the volume of emails they receive.

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