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GoodData Adds Enhanced Self-Service Capabilities to Drive Business Intelligence Adoption

 GoodData, a leading global analytics company, announces a new set of self-service data integration and modeling capabilities to improve access to business intelligence and drive data-driven decision making for more organizations, faster. Creating a data model is a critical step in any analytics solution, as it translates complex, disorganized data into real-world information. GoodData’s new features make data integration and data modeling faster, simpler, and more streamlined so businesses at any stage of maturity can start deriving insights from their data.

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The two product features — CSV Modeling and Cloud Data Warehouse Modeling — simplify the data integration process and leverage GoodData’s web-based Logical Data Model (LDM) modeler to enable users to quickly and easily prototype, edit, and publish a data model within the GoodData platform. The data model forms the base of the semantic layer, a powerful component of GoodData’s offering which translates data into business insights and bridges the gap between data engineers and business analysts.

CSV Modeling lets users create or prototype a data model from multiple CSV files that are stored on Amazon S3 or uploaded manually. This essentially gives companies without a cloud data warehouse the ability to quickly and easily prototype a data model from CSV exports, build impressive insights and dashboards on top of that model and share it with their network, while keeping their data updated at regular intervals automatically.

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Cloud Data Warehouse Modeling, available in Q4, will allow customers to create data models using a cloud data warehouse as the source. It will give users the ability to search and select datasets from their cloud data warehouse, create a data model, and publish it to the workspace. This simplifies and improves cloud data warehouse integration as everything can be done through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop UI instead of doing multiple manual steps in different environments. Moreover, by combining such models with the data from CSV files, companies can flexibly extend the scope of the insights beyond their cloud data warehouse data.

“Businesses at all stages of growth and maturity need fast, efficient paths to accessing business intelligence. This is made even more urgent by the fact that companies are contending with an unprecedented level of demand for seamless digital experiences,” said Roman Stanek, CEO of GoodData. “These self-service capabilities are designed to lower the barrier to entry, speed the time-to-value, and unlock businesses intelligence insights for more companies.”

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