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Seal Software Announces Version 7 of Award-Winning AI-Based Contract Analytics Platform

Latest Version Updates UI for Ease of Use, Simplifies Enterprise Deployments, and Builds on Comprehensive AI Architecture

Seal Software, the leader in contract discovery and analytics, announced the general availability of Seal 7, the latest version of the award-winning Seal platform. Seal 7 sets a new benchmark for contract analytics solutions, pairing a simplified user interface with an unprecedented collection of enterprise-class artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in a single platform.

The primary goal of enterprise contract analytics is to leverage AI, typically in the form of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), to identify and extract critical business and legal terms from corporate agreements. Seal 7 is designed to simplify the contract analysis process, and to enable business and legal users to understand and more effectively manage the risks, obligations, and revenue opportunities embedded within their contracts. The new interface offers a state-of-the-art user experience that reflects the mental model of different personas, ranging from highly technical users who are capable of executing complex searches, to newer users who simply want to click and go.

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With its consumer-like search experience, paired with the power of cutting-edge AI methodologies, Seal 7 enables non-technical business and legal professionals to rapidly and directly access key contractual data without the need for formal contract information requests, which are often fulfilled, at considerable cost and delay, by teams of attorneys executing inefficient manual contract reviews. With Seal 7, business users have secure access to the information they need when they need it, without tying up valuable legal resources who in turn are relieved of mundane tasks to pursue higher-value work.

In addition to its updated search and review interface, Seal 7 introduces a slew of significant new technological advances and enhancements. Deployment of Seal has been optimized with the implementation of Docker containers and Docker Swarm Clustering on a Linux platform. This leads to rapid provisioning of Seal instances, over-the-wire upgrades, and multi-instance management.

Other enhancements include updates to the Seal Logic Engine, providing end users with a more intuitive process for creating both simple and complex business rules. Seal 7 also includes new Discovery Rules, a powerful combination of Seal’s ML and NLP capabilities. Seal Discovery Rules provide a new level of one-to-many reusability, allowing end users to surface multiple data points from the same core extraction, as well as the ability to extract critical structured data such as dates, locations, and values.

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Finally, Seal 7 fully integrates the Seal Marketplace, which lets end users download and deploy Seal Accelerators on-the-fly for specific use cases to jump-start analysis, including data privacy, Brexit, procurement, and many others.

“Seal 7 has received extremely positive feedback from beta customers, and we are delighted to bring it to market,” said Kevin Gidney, co-founder and CTO of Seal Software. “This is one of the most significant releases in the history of Seal, bringing the power and utility of contract analytics to business users across an organization. Now line-of-business professionals in sales, procurement, corporate development and other areas can gain insight from their contracts without the delays and costs associated with a more traditional legal review—only Seal 7 makes this possible.”

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