CobbleStone Software – a celebrated leader in contract management software and vendor management software – releases Contract Insight Enterprise Version 17.8.0. This release brings forward innovative features and enhancements to improve contract management, vendor management, procurement, and sourcing processes.

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Contract Insight 17.8.0 can assist organizations of myriad industries and various sizes in both the public and private sectors by empowering them with the most groundbreaking and valuable tools to meet and exceed their contract management KPIs and vendor management, sourcing, and procurement goals.


    • INCREASED OVERSIGHT OF CONTRACT DATA: Enjoy improved contract data oversight and avoid the reentry of existing contract data field information that must be unique according to your processes.
    • CONTRACT INTELLIGENCE SPEED & TEXT EXTRACT IMPROVEMENTS: VISDOM AI® – CobbleStone’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine with machine learning – has been enhanced with a more rapid data extraction process and increased control of contract intelligence text extraction data fields.
    • SIMPLIFIED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Contract Insight 17.8.0 users can experience an enhanced document library, complete with integrated drag-and-drop functionality and valuable key data at a glance to prevent needless browsing.
    • ENHANCED CONTRACT AUTHORING: With improved contract and template merging, users can stay on task with centralized, rules-based contract writing.
    • EXPANDED CONTRACT INSIGHT QUICK SEARCH: Contract Insight 17.8.0 expands CobbleStone’s leading quick search functionality by displaying key data around a search term found within a document – providing context to the search term without the need to download documents.
    • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION BETWEEN CONTRACTS & REQUESTS: Contract Insight users can integrate data from contract records and request records – offering an even more seamless source-to-contract management software process.
    • IMPROVED VENDOR MANAGEMENT: Users can experience vendor surveys that control for bias, as well as diversified and simplified vendor rating and scoring options with an export feature.
    • ENHANCED VENDOR GATEWAY: System admins can configure even more streamlined and user-friendly vendor gateway options for registering vendors. Additionally, there are abundant options for configuring more secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) procedures.
    • ENRICHED COBBLESTONE PC HELPER APPLICATIONS: CobbleStone’s PC Helper App for MS Word and PC Helper App for MS Outlook have been enriched for an even more robust, seamless, and user-friendly integrated Contract Insight and desktop MS Office experience.
    • COMBINED DOCUMENTS FOR CROSS-PLATFORM CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: A “Combine Documents” button within the MS Word PC Helper App allows users to combine system documents with their word document, combine documents found within a Contract Insight system record, and combine documents across Contract Insight system records.
  • ROBUST ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS: Enjoy advanced configuration of a vast array of contract lifecycle management notifications and alerts for centralized task management, workflow automation, and increased employee accountability.

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“CobbleStone is excited to present the newest visionary innovations and enhancements to our celebrated and long-trusted source-to-contract management software platform with the highly anticipated release of Contract Insight Enterprise 17.8.0,” says Bradford Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing and CLM Futurist at CobbleStone Software.

“We are truly honored to continue our industry leadership by equipping our loyal userbase with a user-friendly, fully-integrated, low-friction, robust, and scalable CLM software suite to support their contract management, vendor management, procurement, and sourcing needs.”

Implement CobbleStone Software’s Contract Insight Enterprise 17.8.0 today to take advantage of the powerful tools and features that CobbleStone has developed to pave the path for successful contract management, vendor management, procurement, and sourcing. Request a free demo of CobbleStone Software’s flexible, AI-based contract lifecycle management software platform today.

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