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ScientiaMobile Image CDN Reduces Payload by 69 Percent for eCommerce Site uses ImageEngine by ScientiaMobile to accelerate website by 33 percent, improve mobile sales

ScientiaMobile’s image Content Delivery Network (CDN), ImageEngine, helped increase the business of United Arab Emirates platform,, by reducing image payload by 69 percent and accelerating page load time by 33 percent. is a nutrition and supplements eCommerce website that delivers to customers in the Middle East and North Africa. As a company that is solely reliant on online sales, knows that decreasing their page load time is critical for attracting and keeping shoppers on their site.

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“In the Middle East, if you are sending a large image to a mobile phone and scaling it on the client side, and the user is on a slow mobile connection, then the slow performance will make people bounce. Most of our customers are using mobile in a region with few POPs, so reducing image size without reducing quality is critical. ImageEngine helped us with that,” said Azzam Jarad, Chief Technology Officer at After implementing ImageEngine by ScientiaMobile along with other website optimizations, received several benefits to their eCommerce business including technological and business-related. Here is what they found:

Business Benefits

  • Increased Revenue by 34 percent
  • Decreased CDN Costs by 69 percent
  • Streamlined Image Management, saving 90 percent

Technology Benefits

  • Decreased Image Payload by 69 percent per month
  • Decreased Load Time by 33 percent or 3.37 seconds

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The ImageEngine Solution tested ImageEngine’s resizing CDN service to address their image acceleration challenges. ImageEngine is unique because it seamlessly combines three services. ImageEngine leverages:

  1. ScientiaMobile’s WURFL device detection to identify the devices coming to a website. Once detected, ImageEngine uses intelligence about the device to drive image resizing and compression.
  2. ImageEngine leverages this device information to automatically resize, convert, and compress images in real-time. It resizes only when images are requested. ImageEngine also caches images, so there is no need to resize them for subsequent requests from identical devices.
  3. ImageEngine uses its global CDN with device-aware edge servers. This means that ImageEngine’s logic is pushed to the edge of its global network with more than 40 POPs. Images are cached as close to customers as possible, averaging a 65 percent faster web page download time.

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