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Medallia Launches New Insights Suite to Power the Future of Consumer Insights

Modern Approach to Market Research Speeds Time to Innovation

Medallia, the global leader in experience management, announced Medallia Insights Suite, a powerful combination of modern tools for insight leaders across agencies and brands. The suite leverages today’s growing video communication and crowdsourcing adoption to speed time to innovation and drive growth and revenue at pace.

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“The world now lives online and brands are looking for faster ways to garner consumer insights that can drive innovation. Video is the future of research and we have combined it with the power of crowdsourcing to help brands keep pace with quickly changing consumer demands. Our approach is what makes Medallia the future of market research,” said Sarika Khanna, chief product officer at Medallia.

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A first-of-its-kind solution, Medallia Insights Suite takes a modern approach to market research that enables forward-thinking insights leaders to:

  • Quickly understand fast-changing consumer opinions, motivations and decisions – via rich human signals found in video feedback that can deliver a goldmine of ethnographic information about what makes customers tick – at faster speeds than traditional feedback mechanisms
  • Power executive decision-making – by sharing video stories and key insights with executives to inspire new ideas and drive informed business decisions
  • Innovate faster – by letting customers drive innovations by crowdsourcing the best ideas that can drive future growth and revenue

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