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GoodFirms Research Reveals Inputs of Leading Industry Influencers on Future of PPC-AI Marketing

These days, digital space is evolving swiftly, and you can find a huge rise of innovative ideas and tactics that can be used for branding. As the technology is rapidly changing constantly, it is better to start implementing the latest technologies, strategies and tools to stay ahead of your competitors. It is the era for the Top Digital Marketing Agencies and marketers to analyze and study the new changes that are becoming part of digital advertising.

Today, digital marketing itself is incorporating machine learning and Artificial Intelligence into its framework as it is opening a wide range of opportunities that can give marketers an edge over their competitors or automate several tasks by freeing up more time to perform new strategies.

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In recent years, machine learning and artificial intelligence have made a way into all areas of homes, lives and businesses. Today, the technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous such as from AI assistants like Alexa or Siri, speech translator, GPS finding location, smart devices etc. These days, you can find exciting evidence of machine learning innovation in marketing today as it is applied to pay-per-click, created more intelligent email campaigns and chatbots.

Here, GoodFirms has conducted a survey based on AI and Machine Learning for PCC Campaign Management. In this research, PPC Gurus (Duane Brown, Ed Leake, Gianluca Binelli, Jeff Sauer, Kirk Williams, Larry Kim, Luca Senatore, Martin Roettgerding, Navah Hopkins, Patrick Gilbert) were contacted that are experts in digital marketing. They were asked two questions based on that the Gurus suggested several methods how machine learning is helping in PPC practices and which are the top AI applications that can help top PPC agencies in generating excellent campaigns for varied brands.

According to the PPC experts, opinion top AI application for PPC is Smart Bidding which stands with 70%; the other is micro-Moment Targeting with 40%. The next is performance Analysis with 30% and then comes the Responsive Ads with 30%, Audience Management and Targeting with 20%, Dynamic Search Ads with 20%, Account Management with 10% and Price Optimization with 10%.

It is time for Top Pay Per Click (PPC) Companies to implement the machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in PPC Campaign and give a better experience to the brands of high conversions, lower CPC and CPA, and many more.

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You can also check out the new study performed by GoodFirms on Tips and Tactics for a Winning PPC Campaign Management. In this survey, there were about 200+ PPC agencies and other experts from digital marketing field. They have contributed highly valuable ideas to drive the best practices, tips and guides for PPC efforts.

The companies participated are from various countries like Australia, Canada, Czech, India, Singapore, South Africa, UK and the USA. The digital marketing companies who shared their extensive experience by taking part in this research are Courimo, Vipra Business Consulting Services, Pvt. Ltd, SeoEaze, Websoles Strategic Digital Solutions, PurpleSyntax, West Coast Infotech, Flynaut LLC, Fluidx Creations, Think 360 Solutions Pvt. Ltd., and Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

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Further, these components are sub-divided into several parameters such as determining past and present portfolio, years of experience in the domain area, market penetration and client reviews. Thus, focusing on overall research process firms obtain scores that are out of a total of 60. Therefore, according to the points the service providers are listed in Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies and other most excellent firms as per their categories.

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