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Business Reporter: How Agent Experience (AX) Can Drive Excellence In Customer Experience

Digital technologies can assist customer service agents in both office and remote-working environments

An Industry View article by IGT on Business Reporter explains how providing an optimal working environment for customer service agents can considerably improve customer experience.

In a post-pandemic world, where the online customer service systems that were hastily deployed during Covid need to consolidate and scale, improving agent experience (AX) with digital solutions to ensure that the business stays in the game is key.

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Firstly, agent assist solutions provide agents with access of customer data sitting in various data bases, so they can have relevant customer data at their fingertips at all times. Data analytics. meanwhile, enable them to improve continuously by highlighting #what worked in the past and how current systems need to be tweaked.

Automation and skill-based routing liberate agents from repetitive jobs and enable them to make the most of their best skills, thus enhancing personal fulfilment in their jobs. Meanwhile, alternating between customer service and off-phone tasks gives them a fresh air of variety.

In work-from-home settings, it’s key that agents always feel connected to their organisation and colleagues, as feeling isolated can lead to insecurity and, eventually, to burn-out.

Employee monitoring, when done well, doesn’t only provide tools for employers to detect any drops in agents’ efficiency, but it can also help identify and remove friction points that are persistent sources of frustration for agents.

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