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Incisive Software Named Operational Risk Solution Of The Year By InsuranceERM

Honored for Spreadsheet Risk Management Excellence

Incisive Software has been named the Operational Risk Solution of the Year for 2021 by InsuranceERM. Incisive’s risk management solution was selected for its ability to mitigate operational risk by ensuring the data from which key business decisions are made—housed in complex Excel spreadsheets—is accurate and complete.

Maintaining the integrity of spreadsheet data is an arduous task. Incisive Software CEO, Diane Robinette explains, “No matter how rigorously a team proceeds, errors are likely to slip through the cracks—and remain undetected—when working in large, complex spreadsheets. The added stress of the pandemic, work-from-home distractions (and isolation) combined with accelerated deadlines, greatly increases the likelihood of errors—and operational risk. Incisive’s software significantly minimizes operational risk by providing greater visibility into, and control over, spreadsheets while allowing teams to continue working seamlessly within Excel. We are honored to be recognized for these efforts.”

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Incisive’s automated risk management solution ensures the data from which users base their analysis is accurate and complete. Incisive’s software is not a replacement for Excel. Rather, it compliments Excel by addressing its short comings while allowing organizations to embrace its strengths.

The software’s patented technology provides accuracy, control, and insight into complex and critical spreadsheets. It is easy-to-use and requires no custom development which means organizations can configure the system as desired to support their unique business needs. As business changes, simple adjustments in configuration (e.g., drop-down selections) are all that are needed. Incisive’s software has a small footprint and requires no additional software or special hardware which contributes to low cost of ownership.

Incisive’s risk management solution takes the guesswork out of model development and validation. It detects and helps resolve errors and mitigates risks hidden deep within spreadsheets and provides detailed insight into spreadsheet construction. Because Incisive works within a familiar Microsoft Excel footprint, end-user adoption is extremely high.

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