Blue Yonder’s Order Management Microservices To Lead the Increase In Sales Across Grupo Coppel’s Digital Channels

Blue Yonder’s Order Management (OMS) solutions are microservice-based, API-first and cloud native, providing a consolidated and scalable foundation to drive incremental sales and seamless customer experiences. That’s why Grupo Coppel, a Mexican company with more than 80 years of history, has selected Blue Yonder’s OMS to continue the digital transformation of its supply chain.

From March 2020 to March 2021, Coppel recorded a 300% increase in digital sales, the main reason the company sought to digitally transform its OMS capabilities. Coppel’s goals are to align orders seamlessly, provide accurate inventory availability, make reliable promises to its customers, and optimize the orchestration necessary to meet the growing needs of the omni-channel consumer. The project will be implemented by Blue Yonder Global Professional Services, alongside Coppel’s Development team and other internal providers.

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“With the capabilities of Blue Yonder, Coppel can provide customers with a real-time view of available inventory, as well as purchase options in the nearest stores.”

The Group is made up of three business units: BanCoppel, Afore Coppel and its stores. It has 1,750 points of sale and a wide variety of categories including furniture, appliances, electronics, apparel and shoes. It is also one of the largest retailers in Mexico and the third largest in terms of online sales with over 1.1 million visits per year. In April 2023, Coppel was recognized with the eCommerce Awards Mexico 2023 in the Retail category by the eCommerce Institute.

“In a hybrid world where consumers shop both online and in-store, retailers need a solid order management solution to boost their business and improve competitiveness,” said Eugene Amigud, senior vice president, Execution, Blue Yonder. “With the capabilities of Blue Yonder, Coppel can provide customers with a real-time view of available inventory, as well as purchase options in the nearest stores.”

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Coppel will use the following Order Management services to meet the expectations of its clients and offer accurate promises while reducing service costs:

  • Blue Yonder Inventory: An accurate, real-time view of inventory and availability at the location and enterprise level with a single source of truth for inventory availability enabling customers to locate and reserve products for purchase.
  • Blue Yonder Commits: Complete transparency for customers into their delivery options and accurate timeframes, including “order-by” and “get-by” timelines.
  • Blue Yonder Order Services: A single workflow engine and enterprise view across the order lifecycle from order creation to delivery, with visibility at each step, including proactive alerting and monitoring across order states, including processing and delivery.

Together, these services will result in an increase in current conversion rates, reduced levels of online cart abandonment, avoidance of customer service inquiries, and an overall increase in shopper satisfaction.

“At Coppel, we are committed to the highest levels of customer service across all our channels. The implementation of a solid order management solution was identified as a critical strategy in the digitalization of our supply chain. We chose Blue Yonder because of their expertise and innovation in the order management domain,” said Angelica Bojorquez, supply chain officer, Coppel.

“We believe a microservices-based approach to order management challenges will provide us faster time to value and allows us to quickly create a better experience for our digital channel customers, while at the same time supporting the future of our omni-channel ecosystem and the role of stores. We are very excited to start this project that will integrate multiple systems and functional areas within the Group,” concluded Santiago Ontañón, director of Information Systems Business and Digital Transformation, Coppel.

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