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AI powered sales technologies and conversational intelligence systems are changing the traditional sales processes and improving the customer experience by guiding sales personnel through real-time guided selling technology. Powered by ML and AI, the telecommunications and telephony market has evolved to offer voice, audio and video driven networks with capabilities to analyze conversations in real-time and give automated feedback. Automatic Speech Recognition offers salespeople live feedback and recommendations, resulting in greater customer confidence and closing sales faster than ever before. –Greg Armor, Executive Vice President of Sales,

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SMBs should market where their customers are, and we do know that most everyone is online. We also know that in the current climate, many business activities that had been done in person have been moving to a digital format as well. The key is to figure out where the SMB’s desired market is and ensure that they are showing up in a relevant way for their potential customers. I think a well-rounded online strategy would include SEO optimization like a local search strategy with Google My Business, social media channels, and some level of paid search/paid media. – Mary Pat Donnellon, Chief Revenue Officer at CallRail

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