Mediafly Launches Unique Revenue Intelligence Solution to Drive Deal Confidence

Sales enablement leader launches Revenue360, becomes the first provider to combine content engagement & sales activity insights for a comprehensive view of pipeline health

Mediafly, a leading sales enablement technology provider dedicated to interactive presentations, content management, and value-based marketing and selling experiences, announced today Revenue360, a new revenue intelligence solution that aggregates sales and content account activity and engagement data across the customer journey to help sales leaders accurately assess opportunity health, improve forecasting, and drive deal wins. Instead of relying on partial insights obtained during sales meetings, Revenue360 captures account activities and content engagement from the first interaction on the website to sales meetings to follow-up from sales reps to provide a holistic view of the deal pipeline and prescriptive nexts steps.

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Gartner Inc. predicts by 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a revenue operations (RevOps) model. While many sales technology platforms today analyze important customer data points from sales activities, these systems lack a crucial indicator of the overall health of a deal – multichannel content engagement. Revenue360 offers a centralized hub aggregating all sales activity and content engagement data to provide revenue teams actionable insights on deal opportunities and risks. It also extends post-sale to monitor customer activity and engagement indicating account health.

“Many companies claim to have revenue intelligence capabilities, but their solutions provide users with only partial intelligence,” said Carson Conant, CEO and founder of Mediafly. “In a digital selling environment, sales organizations can no longer rely solely on what happened in the meeting to accurately gauge opportunity health. They also need to understand how buyers engage with content outside of live sales interactions. With the most robust content engagement analytics in the market, Mediafly is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap, offering revenue teams full visibility into insights derived from engagement – or lack thereof – with the content that is presented, shared and available online.”

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Throughout its history, Mediafly has made significant acquisitions and investments to create the most comprehensive sales enablement platform in the market. From 2018-2020, the company acquired three companies, including Alinean, iPresent, and Presentify, to provide enterprise-grade sales enablement capabilities to revenue teams, beyond the typical content management and learning management capabilities of the industry. Through these acquisitions, Mediafly added value enablement and visual communication capabilities to its sales enablement platform. With the introduction of Revenue360, Mediafly is at the forefront of sales technology innovation, offering the first sales enablement solution with revenue intelligence capabilities.

“A wealth of data often goes unnoticed in sales pipelines,” said Tom Pisello, chief evangelist at Mediafly. “Unfortunately, many companies rely on partial insights from CRM or qualitative feedback from sales reps following their meetings. While these insights are helpful, revenue teams have an opportunity to secure a holistic view of the entire deal pipeline, breaking down silos and gaining perspective into the overall health of an account. The addition of Revenue360 allows us to consolidate data and provide prescriptive recommendations unlike any platform on the market.”

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