As In-Person Events Begin to Return, Chili Piper Launches New Platform to Automatically Schedule, Coordinate & Track In-Person Meetings at Conferences & Tradeshows

Chili Piper Events is the most effective tool for generating meetings and ROI from industry events

Chili Piper, the leading inbound conversion platform for sales and marketing teams, today announced the launch of Chili Events, an all-in-one Event Meetings Management solution for generating more meetings and maximizing ROI from in-person conferences and trade shows.

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With the coronavirus pandemic, many in-person events moved to online-only platforms. However, with vaccinations on the rise, smaller-scale and hybrid events — events featuring virtual and in-person components — are slowly beginning to return. This is critical for marketing and sales teams who rely heavily on in-person events to support prospect and customer engagement, and to grow revenue, as 81% of conference and trade show attendees have buying authority.1

“In-person events are hugely important for B2B revenue teams,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO and co-founder of Chili Piper. “With Chili Events, we’re making it possible for marketing and sales to not just automate booking conference and trade show meetings with key prospects and customers, but to treat those meetings like any other digital touchpoint in the customer journey, with quantifiable results and data.”

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Chili Events offers features that make meetings easy, such as:

  • URL to pre-book meetings – Make meeting scheduling easier than ever with event-specific links that any team member can share over email or via ad campaigns.
  • Manage meeting space availability – Automatically coordinate availability across your designated meeting spaces to finally eliminate double-booking.
  • Placeholder calendars – Capture all meetings in a single calendar that can be distributed later based on which team members will attend an event.
  • Automate reminders and rescheduling – Intelligently and automatically nurture over email and SMS to help dramatically reduce meeting no-shows.
  • All-in-one event management dashboard – An intuitive dashboard to see exactly which meetings are happening each day, and track attendance.
  • Calendar Integrations – Chili Events integrates directly with GSuite and Outlook365 to coordinate calendars in real time.
  • Track everything in your CRM – Automatically track check-ins and no-shows while keeping everything synced with your event campaign in Salesforce.

B2B companies are increasingly relying on inbound marketing to generate pipeline. But marketers struggle to convert inbound leads, with many missing the most important conversion point — lead response time. In fact, the average lead response time is 42 hours. Enter Chili Piper, whose inbound conversion platform makes speed-to-lead instant. Chili Piper automatically qualifies, routes and connects inbound leads, while enabling a fast and error-free marketing-to-sales handoff. Companies like Intuit, Twilio, Gong, Spotify, and Shopify rely on Chili Piper and have seen their inbound conversion rates double.

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