AI Powered B2B and B2C Chatbots

Chatbot (also known as virtual assistants) are used in place of a human to initiate online conversations with visitors on web pages, primarily to help them with the information they require. Chatbots can be customized by businesses to respond to user’s questions and can be built to carry out conversations seamlessly. Chatbots can be deployed on website landing pages and even on mobile apps.

Chatbots may be used by any person or team of sales reps, marketers, eCommerce websites, to handle internal employee requests, or customer service requests, the base technology that supports the chatbot function stays the same. Sales and marketing teams use chatbots to help engage early-stage prospects and qualify new leads. This allows SDRs and marketers to spend their time on more high-value sales activities.

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  1. ManyChat

Started in 2016, ManyChat is a bot platform on Facebook messenger that is used by businesses to automate their Facebook messenger experience for their Facebook pages. It allows you to create chatbots for Facebook Messenger for various purposes, such as marketing and customer care. ManyChat enables the users to send email and SMS directly through the platform, helping them automate the process and reach their customers across multiple platforms. ManyChat can also be integrated into several CRMs.

  1. Flow Xo

Flow XO is an automation software that helps to build, host and manage chatbots in one platform. With Flow Xo you can improve your customer experience across all platforms. It comes with a flexible API to offer you seamless integration with social media channels. Flow Xo provides you with training management features, Channel Management, data security, custom integrations, advanced reporting, live chat, and a lot more. A noteworthy feature to include is the bot accepts payments by identifying a particular service or product your customer likes to purchase and can also clarify and pre-filter customer data while they are on your site so that you can receive higher quality leads.

  1. Botsify

Botisfy is a chatbot software that can be used for websites, Facebook messenger, Slack, Google Sheets, Shopify, Google Search, and RSS feeds. The chatbot helps you enhance your customer satisfaction and retention. Botsify provides a hybrid solution that enable seamless conversations between users and customer service representative. To start using this AI-based bot, you need to teach the bot questions and answers you wish it to respond with. You can customize the questions and can also categorize as to which questions you want the bot to answer and which by the human. You can choose to run the bot 24/7 or only during business hours. The Botsify platform also allows you to reply to comments on Facebook posts privately via Facebook Messenger.


As the name suggests, is an AI powered chatbot that allows you to increase your sales and your customer experience with the help of a virtual assistant. provides you with more than hundred live virtual assistants, over 10 million interactions and 1000 plus certified trainers. helps automate customer support channels to help humans in being more efficient and in driving revenue through online conversations., by using NLU (Natural Language Understanding) seamlessly handles thousands of users without any drop in resolution rates. also offers a 10 days’ free trial and has two paid variants – standard and enterprise.

  1. Bold360

Bold360 empowers businesses to deliver better customer outcomes. It is trusted by companies like Intuit, Edible Arrangements, and Vodafone. Bold360 has its own patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that helps the brand build bots that can understand the customers and provide them with most relevant solutions without having to use any keywords. Bold360 can interpret sophisticated language and remember the context of the conversation and provide natural responses. Customers can even buy your products through the chatbot. The tool efficiently helps customers across channels to help them search what they need and connect them to agents.

  1. Landbot

Landbot is a user friendly chatbot which also has benefits of an interactive conversational AI. Landbot helps the business to optimize the customer’s journey right from lead generation to customer support on the web, or on a mobile app, and it can perform all of it without coding. Landbot allows integrations with Google Analytics, Zapier, Google Sheets, and Facebook. It lets websites engage with visitors via interactive chatbots and handle sales funnels. Landbot is available on monthly as well as annual subscriptions and offer their support via email, FAQs and other online channels.

  1. Ada

Ada, the chatbot driven by AI is trusted by renowned companies like Medium, Shopify, and MailChimp. It features a drag and drop builder that can be used to train the bot, add GIFs to messages, and store customer data. Ada allows integrations with most messaging channels and customer service software. With Ada, you can send customised content to your customers, ask them for feedback, and get reports. This versatile and enriched platform is often the choice for companies that want to enhance their business and customer experience.

  1. Rulai

Rulai is equipped with Natural Language Understanding and multi-tasking capabilities. It is most suited for companies that want to predict user behavior, understand customer preferences, and switch over to more strategic tasks. Similar to most of the other top chatbots, Rulai also integrates with almost all of the messaging channels, customer service software, enterprise business software, and cloud storage platforms. It gives you two options to build your chatbot, one is from scratch by using its drag and drop console and train the bot and other by using a pre- trained chatbot that has pre-existing data based on your industry.

  1. LivePerson

LivePerson helps brands to design, manage and elevate consumer conversations. LivePerson manages conversations with the help of its conversational cloud’s real time intent detection, low code chat building studio and conversation management workspace. This technology helps unify the agent and bot interactions across most of the messaging channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Apple Business Chat, or on website. LivePerson provides the user with an analytics dashboard that helps track real time sentiment, bot containment rate, bot conversation time, among other statistics to allow you to ascertain the value add the bot brings to your business.

  1. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant uses artificial intelligence to provide users the most accurate answers to their queries. The bot automates responses to common inquiries with the help of its knowledge base and helps the customer service representatives to focus on the complex ones. It uses its intelligence to know when to ask for clarity from the user and when to direct the users to a representative for more assistance. Watson Assistant can be deployed in any cloud or on-premises environment.

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