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Is revenue intelligence the solution to better sales-marketing alignment? And how is eco-system led growth changing the game for GTM teams? Catch expert insights to all these questions and more with this week’s latest salestech highlight:


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Sales and marketing have been operating on different planets for decades. Alignment between the two functions requires, more than anything, ensuring they have the right tools. The solution is revenue intelligence.

This is the information collected about a web user’s content consumption activities and research behaviors. In a digital world, the view into a prospect’s behavior is often limited to clicks and keystrokes.

Kevin Green, CMO at Truent

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When big tech focuses on GTM motions, it often inspires smaller companies to do the same. A recent survey by Pavilion, a community of high-growth Go-To-Market leaders, shows 48% of GTM leaders say Ecosystem-Led Growth or co-selling with partners have received increased focus at their companies in the past year.

Bob Moore, Co-Founder and CEO at Crossbeam

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