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One of the many ways in which AI can help is by detecting anomalies. Traditionally, businesses had to analyze data manually to identify trends and outliers, which was often time-consuming. As a result, it would be too late before businesses realize they are losing customers or experiencing revenue leakage. With AI, anomalies can be detected early on, along with the events that caused that anomaly. And, the root cause can be identified almost instantly, enabling business to fix the issue before it impacts their revenue.

Sivaramakrishnan Iswaran, Global Head – Finance & Operations, Zoho Corporation

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It’s been interesting to watch the revenue operations role emerge over the years. At first, sales leaders were changing their title on LinkedIn to Revenue Operations because they were being asked to go deeper and wider in regard to data, especially within tech as we think about this continuous customer journey.  It’s not just about selling to a customer and then calling it good. You have to find them, acquire them, convert them, make them a customer, service them, renew them and expand them. And so that really expanded the role from sales operations into revenue operations. – Kevin Knieriem, Chief Revenue Officer at Clari

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