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Without the “right” sales or customer support technologies, businesses could be missing out on valuable insights from actual customer calls, what do leaders in tech do to shortlist and implement the most adequate support tools?

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If you provide the right AI and the right technology, it can actually improve the customer experience. AI is tied to resolutions, provides self-service, and helps support agents get the job done. It’s a win-win situation across three groups: Consumers, Companies, and Service Agents. Being able to leverage AI with customer sentiment and delight helps companies put their customers through the journey they want them to experience.

Muddu Sudhakar, Founder and CEO at Aisera

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Ultimately, B2B sales strategies will have to match the experiences we are all accustomed to in our daily lives as consumers, which means offering multiple ways to communicate on their own schedule. Delivering omnichannel experiences makes business communication more convenient for prospects, who are often balancing personal and professional responsibilities. Enabling them to communicate with salespeople on their preferred channel will boost engagement and ultimately deliver increased ROI. – Priyank Parikh, Vice President of Sales & Solution Engineering at mgage (acquired by Kaleyra)

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