Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring Avaya, Medallia, Clari, Genesys and more!

Assessing the impact of every sales outreach and sales activity is crucial in helping sales leaders identify the weak areas in their process; how do leading sales teams ensure they optimize how they track what they need to? Dive into some of the insights and tips shared by B2B sales leaders themselves while catching up on the latest in sales and salestech from this weekly highlight:


SalesTech Quote-of-the-Week!

The tech we have today allows us to be so much more agile, and to innovate so much faster than we could even a few years ago so the possibilities of what we can offer clients is at such a different level. – Rachel Bergman, Chief Revenue Officer at Cordial

Top SalesTech News of The Week: 09th August to 13th August 2021!

SalesTech QnA with the Expert

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While companies have said time and time again that the customer is always top of mind, a lot of them fail to truly live up to that billing. It’s one thing to say the customer is a top priority, and another to actually integrate aspects of your platform, business, company what have you– to ensure that.

Ryan Schultz, VP Customer Success at Drift


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