Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring AutoKlose, LiveRamp, Criteo, Lucidworks

Cloud services and enhanced cloud SaaS platforms are needed to drive better digital transformation processes across industries; catch more on what’s trending in sales and salestech in this weekly highlight:


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As a consumer, have you ever had to give your information twice or even three times when trying to fix a problem or get a question answered? This is because brands often have a wall between themselves and their customers and the single biggest driver of this is legacy technologies. According to Gartner, customer service teams use 8.2 screens on average to try to diagnose and satisfy customer requests.Scott Sinatra, Chief Revenue Officer at Dixa 

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As customers seek digital-first solutions, they are looking to engage with brands on social and messaging platforms like Shopify, Instagram Shopping, Twilio and MessageBird.Stephanie Lemmerman, CFO at ReCharge 




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