Top Global Tech Unicorn Start-ups

Unicorns are technically those mythical white horses that have a beautiful horn. Children love them and we all do, too!

Unicorns in the technology world are a bit different though. The analogy of a unicorn is used for private tech start-ups, which have a valuation of $1 billion and more. The thought of a billion-dollar technology start-up was far from reality a few years ago. Today, these tech giants are found all over the world.

There is cut-throat competition in the market and due to the huge demand and adoption of innovative technologies in various industries, there is more potential for these tech start-ups to grow. Every year many tech magazines and news agencies come up with a list of top unicorn tech start-ups in the world. Here are a few of those top global tech/SaaS unicorn start-ups. Keep Reading:

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  1. Postman

Recently added to the list of Global Unicorns, this tech start-up creates faster APIs. When companies look forward to streamlining their internal as well as external collaboration, Postman comes handy. As of today, the valuation of the company stands at $2B from $150 M.

  1. Samumed

Based in San Diego, California, Samumed was founded by Osman Kibar in 2008. The company has created many breakthroughs in the healthcare sector by building a broad technology platform aimed at regenerating pathways to a patient’s health.

  1. Stripe

An American financial services company, Stripe is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Simply put, the company allows businesses to accept payments online hassle free. It was founded in 2009 and today, its valuation stretches to $35 bn, which has surpassed Airbnb, Slack and Pinterest.

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  1. Wish

Wish is a simple and effective eCommerce platform for buyers and sellers. With the help of this shopping app, customers can bag affordable goods directly from sellers. Current valuation of the company stands at $11.2 bn.

  1. Palantir Technologies

A private American software company, that builds leading software for effective data driven decisions and operations. The huge data that an institution receives is fragmented and locked. Palantir helps these institutions to integrate the data and decisions to bring them on one platform. The current valuation of the company stands at $12.18 bn.

  1. Nubank

Nubank is a Brazilian fintech firm, which aims at giving its users the power to control their money. A Nubank digital account will give you everything that you need from an online bank account. The company joined the list of Unicorns in 2018 and the current valuation of the start-up is $10 bn.

  1. Toast

Toast is a Boston Based restaurant management platform, which joined the list of top tech unicorns in the year 2018. The company was founded in 2011, and is focused on helping restaurants manage their staff. Since then, it has evolved its operations to become a complete restaurant management solution, currently valued at $4.9 bn.

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  1. Coinbase

In the year 2017, Coinbase became the first cryptocurrency start-up to join the global unicorn start-ups list and it has maintained its position until today. Coinbase is a digital currency platform that facilitates the traders to buy and sell bitcoins, Ethereum and more. it is one of the most trusted Crypto platforms valued at $8 bn.

  1. Argo AI

One of the recent start-ups to join the unicorn list, Argo AI is a US based tech startup valued at $7.25 bn. The tech company leverages the benefits of artificial intelligence to create stress free driving across the city. When movement is challenging, Argo AI comes handy.

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  1. UiPath

With a current valuation of $6.4 bn, UiPath is a tech start-up leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to create better capabilities with robotic process automation. UiPath has become the first company to bring process mining and robotic process on one platform.

  1. Space X

As the name suggests, the start-up belongs to the Aerospace industry and the current valuation of the start-up stands at $12 bn. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk and since its inception, it has revolutionized space technologies in its entirety.

  1. Airbnb

As Airbnb has disrupted the travel industry, it has changed the mindsets of travelers. The US based start-up is leveraging the benefits of technology and software to help people plan their travels like never before. Valued at $25.5 bn, it offers incredible home like lodgings, home stays and hotels for the tourists and travelers.

These tech unicorns are everything but invisible. The growth of these unicorn start-ups largely depend on consumer awareness and acceptance by the consumers.

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