Improving your Sales Cycle in 2021

Sales and marketing conversations have been rife about the effects and changes that Covid-19 has led to, but what about the post Covd-19 impact of the pandemic on not only sales processes but also sales technologies?

Some of the key learnings from the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic remain – knowing that the sales landscape is now going to mostly be influenced by more types of digital selling processes and remote selling technologies, to replace the effect that in-person events and face to face physical meetings had before the pandemic, sales cycles in 2021 need to be shortened or optimized accordingly, with new plans and strategies.

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The first challenge when trying to do this may lie in finding the most appropriate way to meet constantly changing business challenges, the next step involves putting in place not only the right sales technologies but also the most suited sales processes based on team strength and capabilities.

How are some of the leaders in tech redefining how their sales and revenue teams will work through 2021 to enable better sales outcomes and shorten the sales cycle?

Looking for ‘’The Right Sales Technology’’ is not Necessarily the First Step

The Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, but 2020 has given most sales and marketing enough experience to understand what needs to be improved and what lags remain in their existing teams and processes. Seeing how remote sales and digital marketing processes will have to drive business outcomes for the foreseeable future, the right sales technology is one crucial step in enabling results, another key step lies in implementing the right technologies to ensure you have enough visibility on your remote sales team, so that it is easier to understand where quick fixes are needed in their sales process in a more timely manner to not only save sales conversations but to also create more impact at the right time during them, sales leaders who act swiftly in these cases can ensure more results from their remote sales reps, because of timely guidance and intervention.

Automating Sales Processes based on Current Buyer Behaviour

Every sales team today has to learn how to automate various aspects of their sales cycles to drive more outcomes within a shorter timeframe, but the secret to improving ROI from this step lies in choosing to automate sales processes based on your actual product and service and the current target audience’s buying behaviour. For instance, is your target account and prospect more open to a sales call and not a bunch of prospecting emails? You may need to then implement better sales diallers and callers to enable better results here.

Enough has been said about the need to ensure today’s sales and marketing processes are more precision driven, the right steps now involve identifying where in the system certain processes need to be automated and why.

Remote Sales Teams need a Balance of Regular Sales Training

Sales leaders today have to identify and build out sales teams who have different capabilities then a few years ago, given the challenges in today’s B2B marketplace. A sales rep who is comfortable with a prospecting meeting where the video is on for instance might be able to drive results faster. Constantly updating processes and people skills to suit the needs of today’s business climate requires sales reps and sales leaders to stay on their toes and be open to changes when using new sales technologies and tools.

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These few steps can help ensure that your remote selling process is strengthened for the better while also boosting the sales team’s capability to book more numbers of high-quality meetings with the most relevant target profiles.

What do the experts feel?

There can never be a one size fits all strategy in business, leave alone in sales. Some of today’s most dynamic sales leaders are those that have learnt to adapt overnight and update their use of sales tech while also focusing on training the rest of their sales team in a jiffy in order to ride above their challenges.

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