Adam Haker joins retailcloud as Vice President Sales (Sports & Entertainment) in a Shift Towards Concessions Solutions

Adam Haker joins retailcloud as VP Sales, driving innovative sports & entertainment tech solutions for enhanced fan experiences. #NewEraInTech”

retailcloud, a leader in the sports and entertainment sector and a celebrated Inc. 5000 company, today proudly announced the strategic appointment of Adam Haker as Vice President of Sales for its Sports & Entertainment division. This pivotal move signifies a major enhancement in retailcloud’s focus on innovative concessions and premium seating, leveraging Haker’s extensive experience to spearhead this new initiative.

With a rich legacy of delivering about 30 innovative solutions to 40 plus stadiums and arenas, retailcloud is further intensifying its commitment to the sports and entertainment industry. Haker, with 12 years of leadership and his remarkable success in driving ARR growth in revenue, is set to enrich retailcloud’s strategic direction.

“I’m excited to lead retailcloud’s shift towards advanced concessions and premium seating,” said Haker. “Drawing from my experience at SpotOn, I plan to introduce cutting-edge strategies that will revolutionize the guest experience at events. retailcloud’s focus on technology-driven solutions places us at the forefront of industry innovation, and I’m eager to propel our offerings to new heights.”

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The strategic appointment comes at a time when the sports and entertainment industry is witnessing rapid changes, especially in enhancing guest experiences. retailcloud’s focus on this area, highlighted by recent additions to their AI team, demonstrates its dedication to leading these trends.

Rupak Anto, CTO at retailcloud, added, “Adam’s focus on concessions and premium seating is key to our strategy. His proven track record and innovative approach will be instrumental in driving our growth and maintaining our leadership in the sports and entertainment technology sector.”

retailcloud is set to launch several ground-breaking initiatives, beginning with a pilot program in select venues, aimed at transforming how concession sales are handled while enhancing customer engagement.

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