BackboneAI Introduces Groundbreaking Generative AI Tools for the Industrial and Automotive Sectors to Help Accelerate Online Sales

BackboneAI Introduces Groundbreaking Generative AI Tools

BackboneAI, a leader in product data AI solutions B2B ecommerce and supply chain, announces the public release of its innovative self-service tools that harness the power of generative AI. These tools are designed to produce large volumes of high-quality images and text content for product data specifically tailored for industrial and automotive enterprises. This launch comes after the successful conclusion of a 12-month pilot with several paying Fortune 500 customers. The platform was trained on data from over 500 industrial and automotive companies that operate in 50+ countries.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, digital channels will account for 80% of B2B sales. Online and hybrid offline/online sales are increasingly responsible for driving sales growth. The shift to online sales was accelerated during COVID and hasn’t slowed down. But most B2B companies are failing to keep up with the increased demand for high quality, extensive online data.

Automotive and industrial companies have particularly complex products that require more extensive product information. Until now, they have had to rely on teams of people in the US and abroad to process the data manually. As sales move online, the volumes of product data that need to be processed are exploding and teams can no longer keep up. This has led to three to six month turnaround times for distributors and retailers updated product catalog data.

“If you aren’t using AI to process your product data for online catalogs, you are leaving millions on the table. Or worse. You are giving that revenue to competitors that are using AI, said Rob Bailey, CEO and Founder of

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Powerful Tools for Supply Chain Data Teams

After three years of development and ML model training, BackboneAI is launching self-service AI-powered tools for data teams to accelerate their product data processing. All tools contain extensive data quality QA capabilities and have features that prevent any data “leakage” to other AI models.

Image Databot Suite (IDS): Generates large volumes of high quality, high resolution images using low quality images. Features include background removal, upscaling, watermark removal, iterative enhancements and more. Suppliers can create custom image sets for lots of different retailers and distributors in hours instead of months.

Content Databot Suite (CDS): Uses a specially trained iteration of ChatGPT 4.0, BackboneAI users can generate highly customized content like Descriptions and Features and Benefits by uploading files containing basic attribute data. All of it is built in infrastructure specifically designed for a high level of model and data security.

“The vision behind our generative AI tools is to equip businesses with the ability to generate more ROI from their product catalogs,” said Rob Bailey, CEO of BackboneAI. “We recognize that in today’s fast-paced industrial and automotive sectors, data teams need tools that are efficient, precise, and scalable. This is what we have built for them..”

Improved Product Data Drive Business Growth

Companies using BackboneAI’s product data automation tools have already experienced the following:

  • Improved Product Images: Companies are able to provide customers with higher quality, more extensive imagery that drives deeper customer engagement and sales conversions.
  • Better Product Descriptions: Gone are the days of boring and sparse product pages that don’t drive sales. BackboneAI’s Content Databots craft detailed and precise text content.
  • Cost Efficiency: By reducing the need for manual content creation, businesses can allocate resources more strategically, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: With AI-powered content generation, businesses can accelerate their product launches, ensuring faster, more compelling content.
  • Empowered Data Teams: The BackboneAI platform not only streamlines content generation but also paves the way for data teams to focus on strategic initiatives, truly revolutionizing their operational approach.

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