Dandy’s AI Powered Review Reply Feature Helps Restaurant Chain Boost Review Scores and Reduce Operating Costs

AI powered reputation automation software platform Dandy recently helped a major restaurant chain automate all of their online review replies for multiple platforms, including Google, Yelp, and OpenTable. The company is urging businesses to find out how its AI-automated review reply feature can help them boost engagement and raise their overall review scores.

A large volume of negative reviews can jeopardize any business that relies on its profiles on review websites to drive traffic, either to its retail locations or to its other digital properties such as websites or social media pages. According to the latest 2022 data from TrustPilot, 89% of global consumers check a business’s online reviews before deciding to buy from them.

There are several ways to reduce the damage that the occasional negative review from a disgruntled customer can do. One way is to collect as many reviews as possible from satisfied customers by breaking down their resistance and making it extremely easy for them to post feedback. The positive reviews then offset the few negative reviews that businesses inevitably get. Another strategy is to constantly be engaged with the community by responding to all the feedback. Dandy’s AI-driven review reply generator has been designed to automate the latter.

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The spokesperson for Dandy, Bri Nicole explains why responding to reviews works so well by saying, “There are many things at play here that become clear once you understand the psychology of the online consumer who is looking up your business on Google and going through your reviews. First, when you respond to the reviews you get, this includes both the negative and positive ones, it shows visitors that you are always listening to feedback and want to improve your services. A cool and calm response to an emotionally charged critical review also demonstrates that you adhere to a strict standard of professionalism, a quality that customers admire. Finally, there is no denying the fact that most people are just conflict-averse. So, when they see the business owner or someone from management respond to reviews regularly, they are unlikely to post scathing feedback in the first place. The issue is that replying to all of these reviews takes so much time. That’s why we built the first ever AI powered automated review reply technology.”

Dandy’s automated AI review reply feature is representative of the transformation that its reputation management software suite can bring to a business’s digital marketing workflow. It automatically detects new reviews posted about the business on popular aggregator websites and then generates a reply using cutting-edge AI technology. The AI can respond positively to criticism by making customers feel like their grievances are being heard or thank reviewers who leave positive feedback.

As a part of the recently highlighted case study, Dandy helped a client boost their many restaurant locations in local SEO rankings organically without any ad spend. Each reply from Dandy’s AI was personal and optimized for local SEO. Moreover, the engagement via replying to reviews created a bond with the restaurant’s customers which increased loyalty. Overall, Dandy helped the client save time by replying to over 100,000 reviews and 1,000 new reviews each month across all locations. For the business, this meant tangible savings in terms of over 100 man-hours each month in writing review replies. The software feature also helped the restaurant get more new customers who liked seeing how engaged the brand is.

Dandy has a host of features that allow businesses to spend less time and resources on managing their online reputation while getting much better results. Some of its other reputation management features include review removal, review aggregation, review generation, surveys, reporting, web chat, and more.

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