SalesTechStar Interview with Koko Zarov, CEO at Nymblr

Koko Zarov, CEO at Nymblr discusses the importance of better contact data for sales while taking us through the story behind Nymblr.


Welcome to this SalesTechStar chat Koko, we’d love to hear more about your sales journey and a little about the story behind Nymblr…

Thanks for having me on SalesTechStar!

I’ve been in sales for over 10 years now as a professional but sales has always been deeply embedded in my DNA. I remember buying small goods as a kid and selling those to my school buddies. One thing that never changes during that process is the need to believe in the value and quality of the product that I am selling to others. It’s very simple – if I don’t believe that there’s a real value and benefit in a product, I simply do not sell it. Sales is craftsmanship and I’ve always taken my reputation and my customers’ needs seriously – I have many customers who have turned into friends over the years for which I am very grateful.

Now back to Nymblr and how we got here…Nymblr was born out of a necessity and what helped a ton was our experience in software design and development and enterprise data sales. In today’s competitive sales environment you can’t rely only on your sales skills and network – you need so much more. You need tools and processes that help you streamline your prospecting and help you find your ideal customers. I’ve used many tools over the years including ZoomInfo, Lusha, UpLead, and Apollo to just name a few. These are great Nymblr alternatives but they have two fundamental issues – either too expensive or the data has poor quality. Thanks to our experience, we knew how to build a high-quality product and how to get the best B2B contact data in the industry so Nymblr was born – a B2B contact data platform for salespeople and marketers that allows them to get access to high-quality data without breaking the bank. We looked at our competitors and what the customers needed and we did our best to provide it to them. We also believe that there’s a need for a simple and transparent B2B buying process – hence why we decided to offer standard benefits like unlimited user seats, real-time email validation, white-label, APIs, bonus credits for free every three months, and no annual contracts.

What are Nymblr’s core features and how has the platform evolved over the years?

Nymblr is a simple platform for lead generation for your entire team and all of our features are focused around that.

  • Prospect Finder –

This allows our customers to easily find their ideal customers using robust filters like job titles, seniority level, department, industries, locations, and more. Currently, we have over 80 million decision-makers based in the United States in our database which is updated regularly.

  • Real-Time Email Validation –

We believe in transparency and we offer robust email validation for each contact at the time of unlock/export. Users can easily select only contacts with 100% valid emails and they never get charged for bad data.

  • Enrich –

There’s a lot of bad data and old data out there. Our data enrichment allows you to import a list of contacts and companies and enrich and append the data on the go.

  • APIs –

We allow our customers to use the data via the platform or APIs so they can integrate it directly into their tools and processes.

  • Team Management –

We offer unlimited user seats and an easy-to-use team management feature so businesses can work together and grow as a team.

  • White-label –

This was requested by sales and marketing agencies who want to have a custom-branded solution for B2B contact data to help them attract more customers.

All of our features are standard and included with each account as we believe that you should not be charged for adding additional features. Our plans are very simple and we call them All-Inclusive – all features for all users at an affordable monthly or annual rate so there are no surprises.

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When it comes to high-quality data practices, what should sales and marketing teams be more careful about to enable their own processes and output with better results.

It’s important to have validated data that you can trust. There are many options out there for buying an inexpensive list of emails but this can only hurt your business.

Invalid emails will result in higher bounce rates which will result in poor email domain reputation scores. Forget reaching your customer’s inbox once your email address gets flagged.

Three top-of-mind elements that you feel will define the B2B data industry in 2023?

Potential of recession – There are a lot of talks about a recession in 2023 which will encourage businesses to re-evaluate their existing lead gen software options and consider more affordable solutions.

Competition – I expect to see the space becoming more competitive with the emergence of startups and new players. Competition equals innovation, better products, and value for the end consumers.

Compliance – Getting data compliantly is becoming more and more important – as it should be. Some of the existing solutions tap into their customer’s first-party data via integrations and browser extensions which violates the fundamentals of transparency and compliance.

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A few thoughts on the future of the B2B tech market and salestech…

Artificial intelligence and automation will play a big role in the upcoming years and we will see the product offerings and salestech landscape change dramatically. The space is fragmented by companies that solve single problems like lead data, outreach, automation, or sales intelligence and there’s an opportunity for an all-in-one solution for sales enablement which is Nymblr’s ultimate goal.

Nymblr offers high-quality B2B leads without breaking the bank; the platform provides salespeople and marketers to over 80 million US-based contacts with mobile numbers, work emails, and personal emails.

Koko Zarov is the CEO of Nymblr

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