Seismic Introduces Seismic for Meetings, Changing the Way Customer-Facing Teams Conduct Meetings

Major Seismic innovation will lead to more impactful conversations and less work for sellers; enablement and marketing teams finally get complete visibility into their efforts

Seismic, the global leader in enablement, today announced the general availability of Seismic for Meetings, the latest major product innovation that will instantly change how customer-facing teams prepare, present, and follow-up on meetings.

Seismic for Meetings harnesses the power of AI to make the entire go-to-market organization more efficient and effective, helping to decrease sales cycle length, increase pipeline, and close more deals. Read more from Seismic:

One great meeting can be the make-or-break moment of a deal. But today’s sales teams are tasked with so much pre-, during-, and post-meeting work – from preparing slides and personalizing content, to presenting and conversing, taking notes and tracking follow-up items, switching between various files and materials, and driving the conversation toward a deal – that meetings can quickly become inefficient or worse, a lost opportunity. Plus, enablement and marketing teams have limited visibility into meetings and find it difficult to understand if their efforts are actually working, such as if sellers need more targeted training or if their content is resonating with buyers. With Seismic for Meetings, sellers enjoy a seamless, connected, and AI-powered experience so they can focus on what matters most: the customer on the screen in front of them.

Seismic for Meetings makes the entire go-to-market organization more efficient and effective, helping to decrease sales cycle length, increase pipeline, and close more deals:

  • For sales teams, Seismic for Meetings streamlines how reps prepare, present, and follow up on meetings right from where they already work – the Seismic Enablement Cloud™. Seismic for Meetings simplifies the meeting prep process of gathering content, personalizing for the customer, collaborating with teammates, and more. Then in a single click, reps can prepare a “playlist” of content to present. Following the meeting, they can share those materials with the customer in a digital sales room, share meeting recordings, and view AI-generated meeting summaries and next steps.
  • For enablement teams, they now have end-to-end visibility of all buyer engagement touchpoints, allowing enablement pros to better train and coach reps​, target learning and training reinforcement, scale best practices from top performers, and measure the impact of enablement programs via AI-powered insights dashboards.
  • For marketing teams, Seismic for Meetings goes beyond what was said in a meeting to what was presented, allowing marketers to understand true content performance at a granular, slide level. AI-driven insights also reveal the specific keywords, topics, and questions asked, enabling them to drive smarter customer-facing content.

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“Customer meetings will never be the same after Seismic for Meetings,” said Krish Mantripragada, Chief Product Officer, Seismic. “We are very excited for the general availability of this game-changing product. It not only reduces the workload on the seller, empowering them to lead better meetings and close more deals, but it also illuminates the black hole of meetings for enablement and marketing teams. Seismic Aura’s AI-driven insights allow them to drive better content, proactive enablement, and more focused training.”

Launching as part of Seismic’s Fall 2023 Product Release, Seismic for Meetings is compatible with leading web conferencing tools, including WebEx, Zoom, and coming soon, Microsoft Teams.

“We’re excited to start using Seismic for Meetings to help boost the productivity of our GTM teams and increase engagement with our customers. Plus, the AI-powered insights will help ensure we are continually improving on our processes and content, and further maximize our investment in Seismic,” said René Hefner, Head of Sales Enablement at Grab.

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