Outreach Announces Artificial Intelligence Integration with Webex by Cisco

Enterprise sales teams can quickly derive AI insights from sales meetings allowing them to close deals faster

Outreach, the leading AI sales platform helping revenue organizations create better pipeline and close more deals, today announced a new AI-powered integration with Webex by Cisco, a leading provider of collaboration technologies powering hybrid work, designed to help sales teams close deals faster.

“Sales teams need the collaboration tools they use to be tightly integrated with their sales platforms in order to improve sales efficiency and execution,” said Amit Barave, Vice President of Product Management, Webex by Cisco. “Outreach is now available as an integration with Webex, and sales teams will be able to leverage their post-meeting recordings into their daily sales workflows.”

Outreach’s integration with Webex by Cisco uses Outreach’s AI technology to enable enterprise sales teams to receive rich, AI-powered insights following sales meetings with their customers and prospects. These insights include, for example, identification of critical topics discussed. With these insights, sellers can keep deals on track and mitigate any potential challenges across the sales journey. Post-call transcripts auto-capture action items for follow-up, allowing sales reps to quickly identify key moments and take swift action on next steps without skipping a beat. This will dramatically increase post-meeting engagements and rapidly move deals down the pipeline.

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“Our AI Sales Platform has a decade’s long track record of success, and we continue to deliver new innovations to the market to help the world’s leading companies create and close more pipeline,” said David Ruggiero, President of GTM at Outreach. “Outreach created the Sales Execution category, and we are thrilled to work with exceptional partners like Webex to help enterprise sellers more efficiently extract key insights and action items from meetings to quickly move opportunities along the pipeline.”

By harnessing the power of Outreach’s AI-powered conversation intelligence tool Kaia, sales leaders are able to identify engagements that will generate revenue outcomes. Additionally, during calls, sales leaders can proactively identify risks and provide in-time coaching to steer a deal in a positive direction.

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Kaia is fine-tuned based on the context provided, enabling it to deliver accurate recommendations that are specific to the buyer. The data generated helps sellers run more productive meetings and allows managers to tap into the details and trends across all conversations. In fact, the Outreach AI Sales Platform saves reps 8 hours a week – that’s one full day back to sellers. And, with Outreach’s conversation intelligence integrated into calls, managers have an at-a-glance summary of what’s happening in a deal and only have to intervene when needed, removing unnecessary meetings which lets them prioritize their focus on generating revenue.

Outreach’s conversation intelligence was trained by 3+ billion signals and as a result, it captures 33+ million sales execution signals every week and predicts whether a deal will close within 81% accuracy.

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