Jugo Spaces Unwraps Premium Immersive Meetings at Half the Cost of Zoom, Spreading Holiday Cheer and Reconnecting Teams

Don’t get “Grinched” this season; New research reveals nearly half (46%) of Americans feel popular virtual meeting platforms are stealing team spirit

Jugo spaces, an immersive meetings platform committed to redefining digital communication and collaboration, is unpacking survey data that reveals virtual meetings platforms like Zoom and Teams may be the new Grinch.

Jugo spaces’ recent third-party survey found that 46% of teams report a significant disconnect and loss of team spirit due to virtual meetings, with 65% of workers saying they feel a loss of human connection during these online events, confirming that platforms like Zoom aren’t meeting the needs of their half a million business clients.

The research also found that winter ‘tis the season for the most virtual meetings, with 35.6% of Americans revealing it’s their busiest time of year — prompting Jugo spaces to cut its price this holiday season, giving consumers the opportunity to transform virtual meetings into premium immersive experiences, while saving up to 50% on their Zoom bill.

Cara Clews, Senior Operations Manager at Lion’s Barbers Collective, shares her experience, stating, “Jugo is visually more engaging. It feels like a joint contribution where everybody gets to participate and have that spotlight. The interactive nature, great visuals, and the way the platform highlights people when they speak encourages reaction and interaction.”

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Despite most employees wanting a hybrid work model, business leaders have continued pushing employees to return to the office, citing that company culture suffers when employees work remotely. But it’s not the model at fault; meeting platforms like Zoom and Teams don’t foster a positive, collaborative environment — and employees agree, with 72% noting a desire to transition to a new video conferencing platform that provides more robust two-way engagement.

But better engagement and happier employees aren’t the only reasons to make the switch to Jugo spaces. Key features of the premium immersive platform include:

  • Limitless Scalability: Seamlessly transition from small team meetings to global town halls with just a click.
  • Web-based App: No downloads or VR headsets are required, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Unlimited Participation: Every participant gets a voice with unrestricted stage access. Swap roles easily — host, present, attend — bringing back real-world meeting dynamics.
  • Premium Streaming Quality: Cutting-edge video compression ensures high-quality, low-latency streaming across multiple devices.
  • Interactive Features: Real-time Q&A, live polls, chat, and emoji reactions facilitate tens of thousands of interactions per second.
  • Intelligent AI: Jugo’s internal suite of AI services powered by NVIDIA ensures you look your best.

“Jugo spaces creates a digital space for authentic, natural human interaction that helps elevate your brand’s team spirit through our immersive technology,” said Neeha Curtis, Chief Communications Officer at Jugo spaces. “Our customized virtual spaces also create maximum brand impact, inspiring your audience with lifelike, personalized visuals powered by Unreal Engine to drive your business message and needs this holiday season and beyond.”

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