Intermedia Cloud Communications Continues to Enhance Contact Center Efficiency and Performance with the Introduction of AI Interaction Summary

Intermedia’s newest solution harnesses Generative AI to automatically create accurate contact center call summaries, saving representatives significant time while helping to improve coaching and training for more efficient, effective, and personalized customer service

Intermedia Cloud Communications, a leading provider of intelligent cloud communications and collaboration solutions to businesses and the partners that serve them, today announced the launch of Intermedia Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interaction Summary, its latest solution to incorporate transformative AI technology. Developed for Intermedia’s Intelligent Contact Center, AI Interaction Summary leverages Generative AI and Large Language Models to automatically create an accurate summary of each transcribed contact center call which is designed to speed up the close of each call, enable a representative to move to the next call more quickly, and provide supervisors with concise call synopses for coaching and training purposes. AI Interaction Summary is the most recent addition to Intermedia AI Interaction Analytics, a suite of solutions that leverage AI technology to automatically transcribe customer calls, caption calls, flag key words and phrases, and provide instant sentiment analysis of each call.

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As businesses look to continually improve the customer experience, an essential element of that process is to identify areas of friction in the customer journey. AI Interaction Summary is designed specifically to address and alleviate common customer service pain points by delivering:

  • Improved and accurate call notes. Contact center representatives are typically required to type up call notes at the end of each interaction. However, representatives may forget to prepare call notes, or notes may contain errors or reflect the author’s bias. With AI Interaction Summary, the summary of each transcribed call is automatically generated, creating a timely, accurate, and impartial account of the interaction.
  • Increased efficiency. Call notes take time to prepare, especially for customer interactions that are long and/or complex. AI Interaction Summary writes the summary of the transcribed call immediately so the representative can move on to assisting the next customer more quickly.
  • Better coaching and training. Accurate, timely, and summarized call notes from AI Interaction Summary allow supervisors more time for coaching, because they spend less time sifting through long call recordings or call transcriptions. Summaries are also more readily referenceable for future real-life scenario training.
  • Happier customers. The customer’s overall experience is made better when the representative readily knows what was discussed the last time the customer called. AI Interaction Summary does this by presenting the most recent prior interaction (subject to certain defined parameters) to the representative as the incoming call arrives, providing a historical summary that is easy to scan and understand, for more informed and responsive customer interactions.

Intermedia’s AI Interaction Summary works seamlessly in the background of Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center to transcribe inbound and outbound calls, and then sends the transcriptions to a Generative AI engine specifically trained to summarize contact center calls. Depending on service configuration, the summary is then delivered either to the supervisor only or to the supervisor and representative.

“Intermedia has a history of embedding AI into its solutions and is moving quickly to harness even more benefits from the latest advancements in Generative AI,” said Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research. “AI Interaction Summary is a perfect example of how AI can be used to create new efficiencies and productivity gains for any business while employing new technologies to further delight their customers.”

“Generative AI is one of the most transformative technologies to appear in decades. At Intermedia, we believe the purpose of AI is not to replace people, but to help them be more productive, make more informed decisions, see new and useful insights, and ultimately help businesses achieve their goals more efficiently,” said Michael Gold, Intermedia CEO. “Adding AI Interaction Summary to our existing suite of AI-powered services is another example of how Intermedia identifies opportunities for business improvement, and then develops and delivers the technologies that provide the solution. More are on the way.”

Intermedia AI Interaction Summary is available directly to customers and through Intermedia’s partner ecosystem as an add-on service for Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center – the omnichannel cloud-based contact center solution that handles, manages, and analyzes voice, chat, SMS, and email customer interactions to help create more informed and efficient businesses and better customer experiences.

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