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AI is a force to be reckoned with, though, for sure. In my mind, leading in 2024 with AI and sales is really how to make sales/indirect sales models more efficient and intentional, providing a very clear path to the best next step that will drive an outcome. AI will help create and replicate those steps and patterns to repeat successful outcomes across the ecosystem that you interact with. I just don’t see, in the near term at least, AI taking over the thoughtful and collaborative approach good salespeople go through with engineering and solution engineers to create meaningful examples and experiences for clients.

Curtis Brinkerhoff, Chief Revenue Officer at Impartner

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Predictive AI is extremely important for getting to revenue insights and predicting outcomes faster. It entails generating insight out of a large swath of data that no individual – such as a sales rep, account manager, or a RevOps leader – would be able to sift through on their own. You see the impact of AI in our revenue forecasting capabilities, as an example, to help organizations confidently answer the question: ‘Will we meet, beat, or miss on revenue this quarter?’ – Rohit Shrivastava, Chief Product Officer at Clari

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