Which Sales Intelligence Platform Can Help you Drive Sales ROI?

Most modern B2B sales and marketing teams are aware of what sales intelligence is. Sales intelligence can change your marketing and sales game forever. For sales teams looking to enhance their sales processes, common questions that come to mind include:

  1. Where can you use Sales Intelligence?
  2. How can sales intelligence support your sales team and bring benefits to the organization

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Sales Intelligence simply refers to technologies helping sales and marketing teams find, collect, analyze and evaluate data on potential customers. Furthermore, Sales Intelligence supports you in your lead generation and provides you with the latest information on potential customers. Sales intelligence is the energy drink that can boost your sales. Modern sales intelligence tools offer you everything that you need to successfully win over the market.

A Sales Intelligence platform helps you:

  1. Improve lead generation efforts
  2. Streamline lead qualification and tracking
  3. Enhance data enrichment & data maintenance
  4. Work better on sales engagement and sales enablement

A few top sales intelligence platforms

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For sales people navigating LinkedIn to generate leads, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool. It is one of the best because it makes its easy to use and allows sales reps to establish and grow relationships with prospects and turn them into eventual customers. Sales representatives can make the most of the LinkedIn network, which is considered to be the largest network of professionals in the world, LinkedIn Sales navigator allows sales reps to stay up-to-date with industry movements and changes to key account team leadership roles.

  1. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot has always stood by the side of sales and marketing representatives, HubSpot’s Sales Hub even more so. HubSpot Sales Hub is an easy to use CRM including all the best features of sales intelligence, configure price quote functionality along with strong sales analytics to help grow teams and output. By utilizing the software, sales reps can derive richer insights, achieve quality leads and align enablement materials to achieve maximum efficiency.

  1. Groove

Utilizing the abilities of Salesforce, Groove is one of the leading sales engagement platforms designed for ease of administration, easy cross-team collaboration with an easy user interface. The tool is meant for full-cycle sellers and it helps in automating non-sales activities so that the reps can focus on relationship building and generating more revenue.

  1. Adapt

Adapt is a global B2B contact and company database. Adapt is capable of providing company specific contact information based on job title, direct dial and email addresses. Adapt is a popular sales accelerating software having industry leading products like Prospector and LeadBuilder. What more, you will have an easy CRM integration and chrome extension with Adapt.

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  1. Lusha

Looking forward to establishing a fast and true connection with your leads? Lusha is the perfect choice for you. While B2B engagement is based on trust, this sales intelligence platform helps brands build trust with the help of simple tools allowing them to access enriched business profiles. Lusha helps more than 250,000 sales representatives, companies and recruitment agencies in redefining the way they engage with their clients.

  1. Nimble

A leading CRM in the industry, Nimble supports Office 365 and G Suite that comes with award-winning contact information solutions for individuals and teams alike. Nimble works by integrating itself with various productivity apps like calendars, inboxes, delivering a streamlined user experience, helping sales reps to close their sales deals faster.

  1. InsideView Insights

Time to drive rapid revenue with the help of a tool called InsideView Insights. It empowers industry leaders to explore new markets, target and engage with the right audience and manage customer data quality. It is an AI-based B2B data and intelligence platform delivering reliable and relevant buyer signals.

  1. UpLead

UpLead is a B2B prospecting platform offering enriched and high-quality B2B contact & company data. The main features of the tools include real-time email verification, 50+ search criteria, account-based marketing, technology tracking, social profile links in over 200 countries.

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