What’s Broken in B2B Sales and How Can ‘’Deep Selling’’ As An Approach Help?

B2B buying and selling habits with Raul Murguia, Sr Dir of Integrated Marketing for LinkedIn Sales Solutions

In a recent episode of the SalesStar Podcast, it was exciting to welcome Raul Murguia, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing for LinkedIn Sales Solutions where Raul spoke about some crucial findings from LinkedIn’s latest report on B2B buying and selling habits and highlighted more on how deep selling as an approach can drive business outcomes.

Here are the top takeaways from the podcast:

B2B Sales Is Broken: But Why? What needs a drastic change?

Pressure is higher than before in today’s tough and crowded market. What needs to urgently change from the business perspective is that sellers need to exceed quota and satisfy the need of the buyer while trying to do that. The combination of pressure and quota may pull them down and might lead to them not always following the most effective way to drive sales conversations, leading to a negative impact. For instance, you don’t want them doubling down on cold calling out of pressure simply because they haven’t heard back from their prospects over email since a while.

In this market: moving away from the number game as a mind-set, learning to prioritize quality over quantity and taking the time to do thorough research on your prospect before pursuing any kind of outreach is crucial.

Given today’s dynamics: the core business relationship needs to be redefined to build a starting point that has a strong foundation.

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At LinkedIn, the team focuses on business outcomes using deep sales as a methodology.

In a recent survey of sellers and buyers by LinkedIn, the goal was to map different selling behaviors and identify those that have a correlation with the outcome a business is after. Interestingly, LinkedIn uncovered that sellers who follow a deep sales approach tend to meet or exceed quota.

Basics of a Deep Sales Approach

  • -Focus on high potential accounts; prioritize them. Especially those that have the potential to buy.
  • -Identify and build relations using multi-threading: that’s akin to creating connections with multiple people within the account via social networks and other channels
  • -Find hidden allies: gather intel from those sources, monitor social networks to identify the right time to send a message to prospects within your target accounts so that they are most receptive to your message when you send it
  • -From a buyer perspective: understand that buyers want to deal with sellers who are making the most difference using trust and transparency. Learn to build trust by demonstrating an understanding of company needs and current industry challenges. Transparency in pricing and other sensitive aspects helps prospects have more faith in the sales conversations you’re attempting to have with them.

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Catch the complete Episode To Unlock More: B2B buying and selling habits with Raul Murguia, Sr Dir of Integrated Marketing for LinkedIn Sales Solutions

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