Walmart’s Shoppable Ads Features

Walmart and Peacock joined forces to offer shoppable ads on Bravo’s show. As streamers pair content with AI-generated ads, viewers can shop seamlessly during commercial breaks. Let’s delve in.

Walmart recently introduced shoppable ads features in collaborate with NBC universal to offer a unique shopping experience for the viewers of Bravo’s reality RV series, Below Deck Mediterranean. Viewers enjoying the show can to interact with the shoppable ads. When viewers are watching the carousels, they can use the arrow keys on their remote control to browse the carousel. Later a QR codes comes using which the users can view all the products on Walmart’s website.

On November 7h, December 5th, and December 12th, viewers will have the opportunity to explore and pick a wide range of products directly from Walmart. The primary range of products displayed will be cookware, table setting, and fashion.

The collaboration was possible by the introduction of NBCU’s ‘Must Shop TV Feature.’ The experience is powered by KERV Interactive using AI technology to identify objects within the scenes of the show and encourage users to shop for the exact same products that are being featured in the show. Customers draw inspiration from the show and they take the privileged of using the same products at homes that their favorite characters were using during the show.

In the words of William White, Chief Marketing Officer of Walmart US said,

“Walmart customers are finding inspiration everywhere and anywhere, including their favourite TV shows. It’s why we’re always looking for innovative ways to shorten the distance between that inspiration and the ability to purchase. We know some of our customers’ most loved TV shows right now are on Bravo. By expanding our shoppable TV footprint with NBCUniversal, we’re pairing our incredible product assortment with some of their most talked-about content so our customers can quickly purchase items inspired by their favourite cast members while they’re watching.”

Despite the popularity of live shopping, it still struggles to gain traction due to the limited interest of the users. Shoppable ads comes to the rescue of brands who want to reach users where they are already engaged.

Here are some opportunities for advertisers to grab in the space of shoppable ads.

  • Over a quarter of smart TV viewers love to shop online while watching their favourite shows. 28% of them look for products that appeared on their screens.
  • More and more shoppers are craving for streaming ads to get inspired for the upcoming holiday season. One in every five consumers plan to use their smart TVs to purchase products or services.

So far, shoppable TV ads are proving to an effective way to cut the noise and grab viewers’ attention.

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Top Features of Walmart’s Shoppable Ads

1. Seamless Integration

Walmart’s shoppable ads are seamlessly integrated into the show’s ecosystem. It is a win-win deal for both Walmart and NBC Universal. Viewers and customers can easily explore the products without leaving the platform. It streamlines a customer’s journey, reduces friction, and enhances the overall shopping experience.

2. Immersive Product Showcases

Shoppable Ads on Walmart create an immersive product showcase for advertisers. Featuring high-quality visuals and detailed product information, these ads go beyond traditional advertising by offering an interactive and engaging experience. Customers can view product details, read reviews, and make informed purchase decisions—all within the ad unit.

 3. One-Click Shopping

One-click shopping functionality is one of the primary features of this collaboration. Viewers can scan the QR code at the end of the carousel from their smart devices and explore the wide range of products Walmart has to offer. Everything happens during the commercial ad breaks and so, viewers neither misses their show nor the opportunity to grab great deals from Walmart.

4. Dynamic and Targeted Ad Formats

Walmart’s Shoppable Ads leverage dynamic and targeted ad formats to maximize relevance. Advertisers can tailor their campaigns based on user demographics, preferences, and behaviour. Whether it’s a carousel of products or personalized recommendations, the ad formats adapt to the individual user, enhancing the likelihood of capturing attention and driving conversions.

 5. Performance Analytics and Insights

Another feature of Walmart shoppable ads is that it offers advertisers with an opportunity to analyse and extract ad insights. Advertisers can track key metrics, such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and ROI. The data-drive approach empowers the advertisers to optimize their campaigns in real-time and maximize their ad impact in the future.


Walmart’s Shoppable Ads are a testament to the retail giant’s commitment to innovation in the digital space. By combining seamless integration, immersive showcases, one-click shopping, targeted ad formats, grocery integration, performance analytics, mobile-first design, and cost-effective solutions, Shoppable Ads redefine the possibilities of online advertising within the Walmart ecosystem.

As e-commerce continues to evolve, Walmart’s Shoppable Ads stand at the forefront of a new era in digital advertising—one that prioritizes user experience, engagement, and measurable results. Advertisers looking to maximize their impact in the competitive online marketplace should undoubtedly explore the dynamic features that make Walmart’s Shoppable Ads a compelling avenue for success.

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