Top HubSpot Integrations that can Boost Sales and Marketing

HubSpot is a popular and one of the most recognized CRM tools. A good thing that makes HubSpot stand out from the rest is its ability to integrate itself with other software tools. When it has been found that more than 17% of the sales people cite their struggle integrating their CRM with other tools, HubSpot comes quite handy.

There are plenty of HubSpot integrations to help businesses boost their sales. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  1. Vidyard

At a time when video messages and prospecting with video is becoming more and more important, focusing on creating video content that induces conversions is now a priority for several salespeople. Relevant content drives value, insights and improves your sales funnel. With the help of Vidyard, your marketing and sales team can unlock their full potential with this video integration. Create powerful videos and kick start your customer’s journey in an exciting and a more interactive way to drive product attention easily.

Catch this episode of the SalesStar Podcast where Tyler Lessard, where VP of Marketing at Vidyard shares some handy tips!

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a CRM that does not need an introduction! It offers a customer-centric platform that eases customer relationship management, sales, marketing automation and other analytics as well. Salesforce even helps boost team to team collaboration so that they can improve their brand outreach as one unit.

  1. MailChimp

MailChimp is an exclusive HubSpot integration that offers a boost to your email marketing plans. Where HubSpot helps you manage and grow your sales pipeline, MailChimp helps send emails, manage your mailing lists and track results for better reporting. You can even find effective email formats to attract your leads.

  1. Never Bounce

Never Bounce helps you deal with the high bounce rates of your marketing emails. In the pursuit of lower bounces, this valuable integration is going to filter and verify all the email addresses saved in your database. With Never Bounce, fewer emails will be marked as spam. Email marketing can be done better with Never Bounce.

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  1. GSuite

As a businessperson, you are usually dependent on the ubiquitous tool – Google Calendar, aren’t you? What if the same can be integrated to your HubSpot easily? You can integrate the whole Gsuite with HubSpot and this can be a big time saver for a distributed sales team. Create a series of meetings and there is no chance your sales person can miss any…

  1. Slack

The way external communication is critical for your sales team, internal chat is also of great importance. Instead of attending meetings in the company for the whole day, most of the tasks can be taken and assigned over internal chats, phone calls and video calls. When you wish to achieve this equilibrium, Slack is a good choice for you.

  1. TypeForm

Your sales funnel is full of inquiries, however, only a few are converted into leads. To convert these leads, it is important for your sales teams to gather accurate information about the prospect. It can done with the help of an online form, and TypeForm is one such tool. Have it integrated with your HubSpot to add more peace of mind?

  1. Zapier

This is an interesting integration, which allows you to connect an app with HubSpot that does not have a facility for in-built integration. Millions of apps are available and with Zapier at hand, you can connect your HubSpot account with anything. Connect HubSpot with your social media, email campaigns or anything else to automate more work processes.

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  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Social media helps you maintain a good online brand image and it can be used to garner leads. If you are using LinkedIn as a tool to qualify your leads, Sales Navigator is a good choice. Research and target your prospects with the help of simple form-filling. Sales Navigator helps get you more relevant information on your prospects.

  1. Costello

While we already talked about scheduling meetings, emailing prospects, filtering the sales funnel and picking the right prospects, we cannot forget to mention something that helps qualify leads. Costello is the integration that shall help you here. It helps you create and share a standard sales playbook so that the sales team can make the most out of a new sales call.

From the first meeting with your prospect, to proposals, scheduling meetings and improving the sales funnel, you can integrate a lot in HubSpot to help you polish and further refine your sales function.

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