Sales Coaching Software can Lift your Sales ROI!

It is startling to know that even today, 63% of the organizations work with informal coaching and training techniques. This simply means that these organization need to up their game by adding sophisticated training modules for their employees.

Coaching and training is important for each business function, more so for sales reps. Today, organizations need top-notch sales coaching software that make training easier, scalable while helping senior managers judge the capabilities of the sales reps in various ways.There are plenty of sales coaching software. The following are some of the features that will help choose a learning tool suited for your specific business needs:
  • Video coaching facilities
  • Text-based coaching
  • Facilities of Machine scoring
  • Options for Screen recording
  • Last but not least, practice sessions that help your employees revise new concepts

These features will help you decide on the kind of sale coaching software you need for your sales team.

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A few of the top sales coaching software in B2B sales:

  1. helps you take decisions based on data instead of opinions. The software helps revenue teams understand the customer reality. Utilizing the learnings from the software, the sales team will hit the right customer thereby increasing the conversion rates. AI powered with an in-game analysis; also offers a call recording library, option to post time-specific comments and auto routing to managers and peers.

  1. Wingman

Wingman is known as a popular intelligence tool for growing sales teams. Along with real-time coaching, Wingman has attributes like providing pipeline visibility and actionable insights. Wingman also offers a brilliant way to share the voice of the customer across the organization.

  1. Chorus

When the sales team is wide and segregated by regions, a powerful collaboration tool is required to streamline sales calls and meetings, Chorus helps with this. The Chorus conversation cloud is driven by AI and it is so designed that one can capture, record every sales call and the customer meeting to analyze it later to derive actionable insights.


A training tool is not perfect until it can point out mistakes. Fortunately, there’s Refract.AI , which is one of the best coaching platforms for sales reps. retrospects on the experience of the seniors, letting the juniors learn from the reflections of the top-performing colleagues. It focuses more on conversation triggered learning.

  1. Balto

It is an intelligent learning platform, which easily understands phone conversations and it can suggest appropriate responses for sales reps as well. The sales impact points such as the buying signals and the objections are picked up by Balto conveniently and thus, it is a great learning app for the sales team.

  1. Exec Vision

The sales reps are only judged by the number of conversions they bring to the organization. Exec Vision improves the performance of the sales rep by bringing in valuable insights from a customer conversation and extrapolating the same into performance improvements. This tool is good for sales, marketing, support and product teams.

  1. Lessonly

Lessonly is a robust learning platform meant for sales and product teams. Used by more than 3 million users and 1000 companies, it offers amazing features to its learners. With facilities such as one lesson at a time, it boosts the employee confidence. Lessonly is a good learning tool for sales training, customer service training and employee onboarding.

  1. KloudLearn

Based in the US, KloudLearn offers complete support during business hours. Utilizing the tools such as webinars, live online documentations, the platform offers various techniques to ease out the training process. It possesses features like audio/video conferencing, goal setting, performance matrix, learning plans and so on.

  1. Intelisale

Intelisale is a noteworthy coaching software being used by many Fortune 500 companies. With features like gamification, call recording, goal setting/tracking, it is considered as one of the top training software available in the market. The tool empowers organizations to improve the performance of their workforce and the growth trajectory of the business.

Today’s sale coaching solutions are powered with a versatile array of user friendly and relevant digital training features.

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