Top Global DTC Marketing and Sales Examples to Learn From

A few decades ago, a consumer had two options to buy things:

  • To reach out to a physical store to purchase their goods, and

  • To order them online and wait to get those items shipped at home.

As we experienced a boom in e-commerce over the years, it gave rise to another option: direct-to-consumer sales. With the sharp rise in such sales, tech-savvy manufacturers skipped the entire retail step to market their goods directly to the consumers.

So, this involves a lot of learning for the old manufacturers who are still used to selling their items to  retailers manually. This also gave rise to an entirely new world of manufacturers who can own and manage their storefronts to offer personalized products and services.

Let us explore further…

In a direct-to-consumer model, the middle man is out of the process. Manufacturers can reach their target consumers, and market their products that consumers can buy often at low prices. While catalogues and mail orders could have made it difficult, we have e-commerce to make it as easy as a walk in the garden.

Direct to consumer marketing means more profit for the manufacturers, better control, and a faster time to market their products. If you are wondering how to kickstart DTC marketing or DTC selling models for your brand, here are some tips to follow:

1.Create a brand identity

There is no dearth of products and brands in the market and that is why it is more important for brands to have a consistent and strong brand identity. Thus, when consumers come across your products, they immediately recognize who you are.

2. Perform marketing-sales based on data

Data has turned into a superpower in this era. Thanks to the technology-driven retailers and even manufacturers, it is easy to collect and analyze more data about customers than ever before to create useful insights for effective product marketing and selling campaigns.

3. Get social with your marketing and sales

Social media is a powerful tool and direct marketers and sellers must also make use of the same. Social media is a great place to collect data that marketers and salespeople can use to learn about their customers.

4. Go viral

One of the primary advantages of DTC marketing is that it is based on online marketing. Thus, it can truly take benefit from the internet dynamics to reach out to as many customers as possible. Creating viral-ready content is one strategy to maximize the number of visitors reaching your website.

5. Partner with people who can market for you

Find out other affiliates or people who can market/sell products for you. The more you meet such people, the better it is for you.

After looking at the tips, here are some top brands slaying the marketing and sales game with their DTC model. Have a look.

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1. Casper

A start-up launched in 2014 deals with mattresses. It had a difficult time dealing with the crowded mattress industry. But within two years, it turned around its sales. The company succeeded in its DTC marketing where it worked on the customer pain points. It took help from social media influencers.

One social media influencer unboxed her Casper mattress on her social media page and the brand saw its sales double…

2. Elvie

Founded in the year 2013, Elvie is a women’s health tech brand, which carved out its place in the DTC market gradually. The brand’s main product is a smart, discreet breast pump designed for mothers who are bored with the old pump.

The brand made clever use of DTC marketing tactics where it emphasized and uplifted mothers without discussing their previous experiences. The brand was later dubbed as “Apple of Women’s Health.”

3. Oura

Based out of Finland, Oura was established in 2013 dealing with a wearable ring that helps to track health metrics. The single focus of the brand is “improve the way we live our lives.” These rings are waterproof, made from durable titanium, and come with a hypoallergenic coating. Its unique technology was responsible for its success as a DTC brand.

The best part about the brand’s DTC marketing was that the team knew its market well. They cater to both the millennial techie and health-conscious lot of folks. It is one of the lightest weighted wearables, which makes it different from the lot.

4. Allbirds

Founded in 2013, the brand is known for its beautiful Merino wool products. The brand started with its revolutionary wool footwear and later produced various items. The company focuses on eco-friendly items aligning with its brand values.

The company focused on its motto of being sustainable and its USP worked in the success of its DTC marketing campaigns.

Final Word

Most of the direct-to-consumer brands are disruptors. They are popular because they offer a hyper-focused, consumer-centric approach when delivering their products and services. They have taken their marketing and sales game to another level.

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